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    Stack sizes

    Of course this thread probably means I will move everything around the shop again sorry DME more work for you lol
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    Stack sizes

    Once I get Goldrush finished I shall go to caly (by way of Toulan to restock) buy some level 13's and carpet bomb atlantis archepeligo just for you because you are a valued customer lol Appreciate the comments to very helpful :)
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    Stack sizes

    I am getting asked now and again about smaller stck sizes of craftables in the shop, specially Oil, or aqeeq etc and so far I have been putting stacks that allow me to price at just below MU. The problem with some things is the MU is low and the minimum price the shop allows is +1ped +2.5% tax...
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    Salafa Laser Sight MK 3 (L) | (20%Crit Dmg Buff!)

    If there had been a BO price I would have bought it this morning and run it through Gold Rush but by the time the auction ends I will have finished my 20 hours and be back to normal. I'll have a look at the end of the week. Hope it makes you some profit :)
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    Toulan Daily missions Rewards

    There's the mini mining quest too
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    Tincture Drop Rate In Cuhof

    No I was doing the nirsal token mission I think it was a guardian but not 100%
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    Tincture Drop Rate In Cuhof

    I've just had some drop from a Thwar in the pvp area
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    Monria Event | DME / Decca Showdown | Sat, Sep 11th

    hmm I just converted 4k of shrap to ammo, and there's boss waves.... I have a cunning plan
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    Happy Birthday DME

    Happy Birthday :) You may have an extra five minute break today lol
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    Nahar Towers

    There is a televator at each end of Floor 7 and they are on opposite sides of the wall so the access is good and the addition of the mirsal mission trader has definitely increased the number of green dots I have seen recently in the towers. Maybe the walls could have more Archways in them...
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    Jeef zajar gave me another present

    I believe it was a Mohkat who did that :D
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    Jeef zajar gave me another present

    I was minding my own business having a terrible mining run on Snow Mountain when a Jeef decided to hand me a present 4k+ of Shrapnel so of course I had to do this I shall go pray and give thanks at the Jeef in my shop :)
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    Mirsal crafting mission

    I'll put them in my shop lol
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    Mirsal crafting mission

    Then you'll have a pile of butt joints that I have no clue what you can do with
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    Skull BP Service

    hmm I could be confused, it would not be the first time lol TBH I see mobs and just shoot them and have a vague notion of who they are, I know its ruthless but hey we all have our dark sides
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