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    Qaffaz wave spawn

    Hi it is now working. Couple of points - wave area is still difficult to see and waves are very large - seems over 50 in each wave. Also how many waves?
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    Well have you ever tried going straight up - L mean its not easy :D
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    kill 100 Wahesh mission

    what armour were you wearing - in Jag these are hitting me an average of 50 and criting at over 100
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    June 2015 VU.

    Anyone point me to where the tameable ones are:-) Promise to look after every one
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    The problem is you can only go straight up.
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    Wave Bug

    Hey Tummy boy - will be good to team up and beat these mobs :-)
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    You just did :-) I think you need to have 10 replies before you can reply instantaneously.
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    Thanks - I found it where you said.
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    I. Can we please have mission brokers. 2. Can we have some cool rewards for missions. ARC and Caly give armour or guns depending on mission coins. 3. Can someone update the nawa fountain. It barely throws off nawa. 4. A Toulan only vehicle would be great - how about a magic carpet? I...
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    New Weapons

    Are they in the loot pool yet?
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    I find it can be tricky to leave Toulan. Have to try and go straight up.
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    I am trying to craft but can't find Oud - please any help appreciated.
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    Where are player owned booths?

    That would be so good. Players with interests will generate further interest.
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    Toulan Stable (133969, 93124)

    Thanks for letting us know.
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    Thank you for letting me know. Great communication and it is much appreciated.
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