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    Corner Seat Furniture AH

    The Luxury Corner Seat (C) and Big-Top Designer Corner Seat do not display under "housing" on the AH. Instead it ends up under "Blueprints".
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    Big-Top Designer Chair

    Big-Top Designer Chair BP displays/crafts the Bordered Mosaic Carpet instead of a chair.
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    Kurti Dress

    When equipping the Kurti Dress, the TT goes down 1 full ped instead of just 2 pecs.
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    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    We need more uses for both the Toulan-based loot and the generic loot that is found on the planet. Or just some better balancing. I know for mining, people end up with a lot of stuff they can't sell and so they stop. Certain things like Qaz Worm are set to be pretty rare, yet are used for a ton...
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    Kurta Coat (C) bug

    There is a line on one side of the Kurta Coat (C) that appears black when left blank or only texture is added and then appears white when color is added. There is only 1 field on this coat so not sure why the line is there at all.
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    Hides in loot

    This is disappointing. How did it go from 1 hide per mob (which was the drop rate 5 years ago) to like 30 times less! Sad to say, it gives me no reason to come back to Toulan :( The drop rate either needs to go way up or the mats required in a BP needs to go way down. Came here to craft some...
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    Toulan Clothing

    (F) Clothing
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    Toulan Clothing

    (M) Clothing
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    Toulan Clothing

    Motamared Outift
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    Toulan Clothing

    Jassem Outfit
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    Toulan Clothing

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    Toulan Clothing

    (F) Shirts
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    Toulan Clothing

    Technician BP's
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    NPC Massoud's Clothes

    This is the Jassem headwear, so the one Massoud is wearing does not have a BP that exists in the game yet.
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    Toulan Resources

    Currently buying Youd/Youd bottle 200%
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