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    Horrible Mob Specific loot drop rate.

    Hey guys. My feedback and suggestion would be to increase the rate that mob specific loot is dropping. By it having such a low drop rate and all BP's needing mob specific items for crafting all the MU prices have skyrocked. Most are 350% plus some are 1000%+ and higher. This is not feasible for...
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    ep1 crafting giving 110% tt-return always??

    Copying my post from Caly as just found this one and adding a bit more to this one 😁 . Ran a few tests on Caly and Toulan. Similar results but no way did I get 110%, not sure how you are doing it but I want your secret. Thing I noticed was that every time I got WW was because I got a min...
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    Found mining recourse while hunting...

    Yup not a bug from what I know. Think of the history of the planet. It is enriched in Nawa energy so you can find Nawa stones, Nawa Fragments, Dung, plus all the common stones and fruits as well. lol Cheers,
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    I'm interested in buying a Monria Shop

    i would be willing to consider it if the price was right. send me a offer i cannot refuse!
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    I just wanna say good bye!

    Sorry to see you go Leo. I don't disagree with your choice as all I am seeing here is a super moderation of when something is slightly uncomfortable it gets shut down and that is not the way it should be. Players should be allowed to have their intelligent view/voice as long as its not geared...
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    A role of Community manager Part 2

    I feel this post is being de-railed. I found out about this from Eddy a few hours before I had that conversation with DME (ask him he will verify). He told me to speak to DME for 100% reason why it was happening. This was my first time I had heard about this new trade channel and I was...
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    A role of Community Manager

    Hey sorry for the late reply. This is an explanation; " You're absolutely allowed to discuss new changes made by devs and we welcome it. If I could just explain in simple terms what occurred above. We have a trade channel that is moderated so that if we get complaints of misuse of this trade...
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    A role of Community Manager

    [#toulan] [XXX]: why has this new channel been created, there is nothing wrong with #tradetoulan [#toulan] [DarkMoonEnigma] : because all chat/trade channels are now managed by Virtualsense [#toulan] [DarkMoonEnigma] : those that relate to both Monria and Toulan [#toulan] [XXX]: does not make...
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    Mission < Say Cheese > motion sensor 5 - bugged

    Hey Kendra, Hope you are doing well. I Loaded up the Mission again a few weeks back and it gave me a waypoint in the desert this time. I went to the desert and the sensor was there. Its weird because when I had the location the first time it was pointing in the snow biome. Anyway I was...
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    Found mining recourse while hunting...

    Scary Zip files. Makes me say no. Please just post a pic.
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    Virtualsense Quarterly | December 2020

    Nice read, did Heidi ever locate the glowing box that knocked her over the edge?
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    Faiza new player quest bugged?

    Hey guys, I figured I would let you know. Some new player was asking for help in the channel today. They said they got a mission from Faiza and they had to collect tabtab teeth. They said they had been trying to collect the teeth for a few hours and nothing was dropping. I would have tested...
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    Furniture blueprints not available

    Thanks Legacy, Puja gave me one so I have it now. I am still curious if these old school bp's drop, or are they bugged? I ran a 10k click component and 3 k click texture and did not get any bp's that are Toulan based
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    Toulan Monthly Event

    On event mobs it will always be a loss because the big guns don't hold back, but its still fun to partake.
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    Toulan Monthly Event

    Sounds like you need to do some good old fashioned team hunting there Rusty. If you group with someone and you are hunting with them, ask them if they could try to match your weapon as well. That way you are getting more even loot because the damage is more even.
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