Horrible Mob Specific loot drop rate.


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Hey guys.

My feedback and suggestion would be to increase the rate that mob specific loot is dropping. By it having such a low drop rate and all BP's needing mob specific items for crafting all the MU prices have skyrocked. Most are 350% plus some are 1000%+ and higher. This is not feasible for any crafter as we cannot craft and even come close to breaking even.

Please let me give an example

[Striped Pillow Blueprint (L)]
8 Khaffash Leather
5 Dahhar skin
11 Barhi Skin
12 Mokhat Gelatinous

So if my memory serves me correct (please correct me if I am wrong)
breaking this down to mats

8 Khaffash Leather = 24 Khaffash around 180%MU - - - TT = 2.4 x 180% = 4.32 ped
5 Dahhar skin = no refine needed around 195%MU - - - TT = 0.15 x 195% = 0.30 ped
11 Barhi Skin = no refine needed around 700%MU - - - TT = 1.32 x 700% = 9.24 ped
12 Mokhat Gelatinous around 900%MU = 36 Mokhat hands around 500%MU - - - TT = 0.72x 500% = 3.6 ped

So TT this should cost 4.59 ped per attempt.
With MU this is costing 17.46 ped per attempt.

Now as crafters you have to worry about failing and almost success with success at about a 35% of a time. (meaning I loose a crapload of PED as almost does not cover for MU)
You will say you have to get a BP to QR100 for a better chance, but how when all the mats are so expensive? (This BP is limited I know you don't need to get it to 100%
1. There is no mats to buy. Find Bhari skin for example
2. The MU cost is so high it just is not possible to raise any bp to a normal crafting tier.
3. The lack of materials just don't allow crafters to mass craft or even item specific craft.
4. Why try because you loose a ton of PED because a fail or almost success does not cover for MU. ^^

I am using this BP as the example but this is like this for most of the BP's.


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I completly agree with the increasing droprate.
As for the crafting part i have no idea how that goes, but most mats do have large mu.
Good for hunters offcourse but a balance can be made hopefully
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