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    VU 20.4 | By Royal Decree

    Very nice ,very smooth VU. Excellent job team, congratz.
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    The Reluctant Queen

    Looks like we have some pages to gather :)
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    hunting return log

    November 9.269,10 ped repairs and ammo 8.714,43 ped loot return : 94.01% -------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL ammo and repairs 326.755,97 ped TOTAL loot 319.220,43 ped TOTAL tt return 97.69%
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    Server Downtime for Release

    I second your YAY !!! and add you a WOOOT !!!
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    Sunjoq not on minimap

    yes, the radar. Sorry that was a brainfart. Those seem to happen occasionally :D
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    Missing Missions?

    Oh i see, good to know. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Sunjoq not on minimap

    I was just hunting Sunjoq here [Planet Toulan, 134648, 92989, 106, Waypoint] and a good deal of them did not show up on the minimap. First time seeing this happen
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    Missing Missions?

    All those missions are in the same mission chain that is the only chain on Toulan. Normally you start that chain in citadel and it leads you all over planet Toulan including the missions you mentioned and many more. I can't really check if they are still working as i've done them all.
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    Hello ^_^

    Hello, welcome back. You are in luck as there is a event on Monria this weekend celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the team. You can check this link for more info on...
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    Selling hunting loot on Toulan

    [Basic Plastic Extractor] 22.84ped [Strong Cloth Extractor] 39.94ped [Weak Cloth Extractor] 158.58ped [Advanced Mineral Extractor] 50.42ped [Enhanced Cloth Extractor] 106.19ped [Advanced Wood Extractor] 67.91ped [Advanced Stone Extractor] 65.9ped [Basic Cloth Extractor] 55.5ped [Superior...
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    Little black-kobalt Star Paying customer
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    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    The tp is al nahar snow mountian and these are the coords [Planet Toulan, 135952, 94398, 108, Waypoint] The new players will prob curse me for suggestion this position as there are some low mat tabtab's there. Also , the view isn't nearly as spectacular as were it stands now.
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    Happy 5 Year Anniversary | Monria / Virtualsense Team

    Congratz team, here is to many more years.
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    Welcome to the Forum

    Hello, welcome to the forum Orbit.
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