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    There i did it, i finnished Toulan

    Gratz Hally! Great achievement
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    EntropiaHub - Toulan's BP Search Tool

    Awesome tool!
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    Make even more diamonds!

    Big GRATZ :jumpclap but it's a emerald! next time you deserve a sapphire
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    Sandworm Boss

    This is a true perversion :laughing2:laughing2:laughing2
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    Hunting log ~ 2021 Goals

    Very nice, glad to see that Tier up your sword won't cost you very much!
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    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    Thank you, 4 new additions and lots of corfirmations
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    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    I'm not Nostradamus and not very good in math too :laughing2 So I added some data that I reached in last few days Wahesh 13, 12.18ped confirmed the value already posted Duhol 14, 3.28ped new! Duhol 15, 1.87ped new! Bahri 15, 1.43ped new! Qaffaz 23, 2.50ped all value are the same of Mokhat so...
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    A virtual tour of Sherwood's Toulan apartment ...

    It's still a bit empty, I have to add more stuff and furniture! Did you see that the table at first floor is sinking into the floor? Also the magical flower was sinking and the stem was out of the ceiling of the "secret room" so I tried to put the flowe on the wall and worked with a pretty nice...
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    Entropia BUG

    I'm going to write it here, because I'm actually on Toulan but it's a Entropia problem... Here's a screeshot: I wrote a support case to MA and robot in no time gave me this answer "we'll send it to the developer team. Stay tuned etc." I would ask to the forum ppl if anyone have a clue...
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    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    Great skills amounts!
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    Epic mission chain + other stuffs

    I'd love to see a epic chain too! I have in mind something like the Zorra's missions that involve many aspects of the game, listen the storyline, crafting and hunting all kind of mobs in the specific of Zorra's chain. For Toulan add some exploring stages, mining stages, instance stages and...
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