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    No turret at Al~Nahar Doors.

    Love the story, if the Nahar Mall/Apartment building had the stairs I'd be happy to offer him some drinks in my apartment ;)
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    Dahhar | Mob Levels / HP / Loot / Other Data

    Recently looted: Pink Neon Essence Red Neon Essence
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    Qaffaz Daily

    Eleni's qaffaz birth managment dept.
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    Baraka UL Tiering costs

    Gratz to tier it up! I'm glad that the recipie to tier it up is not silly
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    Tier 7 Component

    I know that loot is managed, with a enourmous time spent balancing it, by MA but, can we get some rare drop of Tier 7 Component from a Toulan/DSEC mob? So far, for that I know, this super rare component drop just from Phasm (Rocktropia/Calypso) with a rate of 0-8 pieces every 1200ped ammo (my...
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    Fat Mokhat

    Mega Gratz!
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    Quwa Mining

    After latest VU I was able to open the Quwa Mining Stage 2!!! :yourock
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    Mission Terminal on the Event Isle

    The title says everything. A Mission Terminal there would be very handful since you can complete some daily mission in no time like 30 Caboria, 35 Bahri. And please, reput the mission terminals into the service/terminals building at the TPs and outposts of Toulan
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    Sherwood DSEC Armor parts to exchange

    Foot-guards exchanged, nothing (F) available at the moment
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    The Magic Within The Caves

    Same here, anyway doing some CUHOF rum, I looted some mission parts
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    The wood cutters helper

    Awesome mission! I don't even remember last time that I gathered sweat :D For sure was before than 2010 Few errors in the reward description: "3ped shrapnel and 2 mersal tokens" Actually the reward "1,5ped universal ammo and 2 mirsal tokens"
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    I didn't have much time to play and explore around. So far everything I saw around Toulan is very good. The Frantic Lady is still bothering me...
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    Sherwood DSEC Armor parts to exchange

    Harness exchanged, Foot-guards (F) still available
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    Sherwood DSEC Armor parts to exchange

    I'm trying to build up my DSEC armor (M) and would like to exchange the conter parts (F) personally looted. So far I have available to exchange: - Harness (I was really lucky to discover it! (DSEC Armor Harness (F)) EXCHANGED - Foot-guards EXCHANGED
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