Cthylla Tower | Floor 9, Shop 2 l Display Area | Drifter007

    The Wall Shop A shopkeeper to fulfill your needs. Stop by for some mining amps, tools, vehicles, and other items. Check out the shop and feel free to message me if you have any questions. You can also click these links below for related pages to this shop. Calypso Forum
  2. F

    2100 ped Blau in the Shoggoth crater

    Equipment was a TerraMaster 6 (L) and a D-amp
  3. Kalixt

    Ore/Enm resellers or buyers

    Hello, I didn't find any information about the possibility of selling mined ores and enmatters. Is there someone who's bying them on Monria like they used to on FOMA or what miners usually do here with their resources ? It don't mind me to sell it on caly but if there is a way to do it on...
  4. Amandil

    Caught myself in a goof mining

    Almost funny that I planned to spend weekend studying everything to be found about mining here because it's a bit like mining itself, with lil bits 'n pieces on various threads and youtube videos. I've done a bit of mining in real-world, it's exciting and relaxing with the occasional rush of a...
  5. Crazyshadow

    Twitch Stream | Don CrazyShadow Hunterz

    Im new to streaming, I just upgraded my internet upload speed recently so now I can stream my mining runs on Monria! Using pre-amped finders and big amps indoors! Twitch Stream | Crazyshadow Many people ask me where/how deep/what/when to mine on Monria. My stream will answer all of those...
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