monrian born

  1. E

    Rent your unlimited weapon

    Next to my limited Armatrix weapons in my shop I will also be offering unlimited weapons for sale. But these weapons can also be rented. As these are low and mid - level weapons, this service is mainly for beginner and mid - level hunters. The list of available weapons to rent is here ...
  2. Vegvisir

    A private trip to Calypso: Travel Log 005

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, hope you all are as excited about saint patty's day on Monria as I am! I will be documenting some of the upcoming festivities as they unfold- and also have plans for a...
  3. Vegvisir

    The Monrian Caves: Travel Log 004

    Hey guys, just finished compiling footage from my guided trip through the caves! I hope you find this video helpful and informative, and at the very least- interesting!
  4. Vegvisir

    Monrian Born Field Trips -- Travel Log

    Hello, fellow Monrians! I am finished compiling my first travel log from my Monrian-Born Field trip to Calypso. The program co-coordinators were very helpful, and with their guidance we were able to get through a few different quests- and also, with their help, I managed to unlock many Teleport...
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