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Next to my limited Armatrix weapons in my shop I will also be offering unlimited weapons for sale.

But these weapons can also be rented.

As these are low and mid - level weapons, this service is mainly for beginner and mid - level hunters.

The list of available weapons to rent is here :

weapons ul

You can rent them from a week to a month.

You can see on the sheet the minimum level you need to have to work with the weapon, and the level when the weapon is maxed out. Also you will find the damage per second and the damage per pec so you can see how eco the weapon is.

When you want to rent a weapon you pay the amount in the column rent per week or per month in peds. Next to that you also pay the amount in the column collateral or you give items worth this amount in TT, even sweat.

At the end of the rent you will get the collateral back minus the decay. So for instance, when you rent a falx you pay for a week 1 ped plus 50 ped or items collateral. The item is at full TT. When you return it with a TT of 5, you will get back 43 ped. (12 TT - 5 TT = 7, 50 ped - 7 = 43 ped)

When you return the item too late or not you will loose the collateral. Of course, if there is a problem, contact me.

The list will be extended with more weapons and amps. On the second page are amps for rent.

When you rent a tiered weapon, you can also buy the enhancers at a discount of 10 %.

These of course remain yours unless you want to sell them back to me at TT value + 50 % MU at the day of the sale.

When you want to rent a weapon please send a message in world or on the forum.
Please not that not all the weapons for rent are for sale too as some of them are rare.
When you want to reserve a weapon for a certain period, for exemple an event, that's possible too. Let me know and you pay the rent at the time of reservation and the collateral when taken in possession.

For the monrian born, there is a special discount on the rent of 10 %. Just wear your t-shirt. :)
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