Ô Rage ; Ô Désespoir... Jelly doesnt drop!

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Fun Fact!
Jelly has been one of the most
Word of this week!

With a shy 1.792.060 times single view
This word is now officially side-by-side
With Taylor Swift, Fortnite and Mc Donalds!

We will now go through the TOP 5 most researched sentence including

N`5 : Are jellies comfortable?
YES! Made for the whole family, for inexistant british summer days, these shoes made from coloured, transparent plastic, worn especially at the beach, or to go for a quick shopping in pyjamas!

N`4: How many Jelly beans are there in a box?
Believe it or not! With the increased amount of people staying at home lately, some have actually spent their precious time to actually count and compare the number of sweets in a box! Delicious!

N`3: Is Jelly actually a flan?
When actually the rest of the world is all over the british eating strange glowing jelly, Europeans prefer to look away and call it a Flan! Coloured white and cover in delicious industrial and vegetarian caramel "sauce", it actually makes a whole difference to the rest of the world. Which leads to, N`2!!

N`2: How do you eat Jelly?
This is the most amazing topic of our TOP 5 history!
And before you ask, no, this question did not come from asian countries, because they would use sticks!
Some people actually never thought of using a complicated and very well engineered tool called a... SPOON!

N`1: Does Jelly drops today?
Unfortunately, even GOOGLE could not answer this one...
As hard as we tryied, we couldnt figure out how jelly would actually "drop".
Since jelly does not grows on trees, nor rains, we left it at this, making it the most mysterious topic of the week!

Well done! We couldnt exist without you!

Im SO J.E.L.L.Y. !!


Jell- E~
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