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Date: February, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th
Time: Both days 18-21 eut/ma
Place: Toulan➡️[Planet Toulan, 134450, 93006, 109, Waypoint]
Free heals will be provided.
Damage limits to TT weapons (or max 6 dmg)

Winners will be determined by Spinning Wheel, so all have same chance to win, no matter what skill lvl or knowledge.

Prizes donated by society "Dude! Where's My Spaceship?"
We also want to send a big THANK YOU to our other amazing donations from:
❤️ Allgarviu
❤️ Kalden
❤️ Little Star
❤️ veronica
❤️ Westmoreland



2x Heartshaped Pillows (handheld)
2X Fanoos Medical V1 (L)
2x Finder F-101 (5.5ped TT)
2x Aeglic Ring, Adjusted (10ped TT)
2x Valentine Shirt (F)+(M)
5x Mawlood Graduate (L) (7ped TT)
ArMatrix LP-10 (L) (25ped TT)
Shayeb S10 (L) (3ped TT)
Shayeb S20 (L) (6ped TT
Hilqa Knife M3 (L) (17,94 TT)
Vehicle RK-0 (L) + 53K Welding Wire
Space Thruster (L) (5ped TT)
MediStim 10mg
9x Skill Juice 50% for 1 Hour Skill
9x Skill Juice 30% for 1 Hour
Synchronization Chip 1 (L) (9.50 TT)
Kitty pet + 250 nutrio bars
Rover pet + 250 nutrio bars
Robotic Bunny Ears Silver (M)
Tropical Bra (F) (11,50ped TT)
Christmas Nusul Plushie
Tropical Shades (F)
Tabtab slippers (F) (5ped TT)
Yellow Heart Fireworks (40)
Red Heart Fireworks (10)
2x Hoverboard Crapster Edition (C,L) (1ped TT) + 50 oil
Hoverpod Mk3 (C,L) (9,82ped TT)
Sleipnir Mk. 1 (C,L) (8,29ped TT) (Holiday Tradtional Texture/Brukite +Purple)
Sleipnir Mk. 1 (C,L) (5,17ped TT) (Arkadian Hornet Texture)
...and a few little bits and pieces we don't know yet 😉
Main prize friday:
Sandrunner MKIII (C,L) (34ped TT) + RK-0 + 53K ww + 250 oil
Main prize saturday:
Sleipnir Mk. 1 (C,L) (24ped TT) (Holiday Tradtional Texture/Brukite+Orange)
+ Vehicle RK-0 (L) + 53K ww+ Space Thruster (L) + 250 oil

Looking forward to seeing u all there 😘
-♥Whoopzie & NOSHIP♥-
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Hello! ♥

We want to thank all who joined us for the Valentine Swunt this weekend! U guys and gals made these two days so amazing, bringing so much positive vibes and love to spread around. All being friendly and fun, and helping out if needed. We salute u all! ♥
We also want to give a big thank u and applause to Little Star, veronica, Westmoreland, Allgarviu and Kalden for their donations of great prizes. Really appreciate it, as I also think the winners did.♥
Bowing down in awe of u all, and hope to see u again for future swunts and fun.♥

Lots of Thanks and Love from
-Whoopzie and NOSHIP-
"Dude! Where's My Spaceship?"
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