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We have managed to make it to the beginning of our fifth year and still maintain control of Monria, but not without the dark forces giving us a major headache at times. As a result, the moon has turned from green to red. Meaning ... we are more on high alert than ever before in the past four years.

Despite being a much stronger colony than the previous one, this fact is what motivates the dark forces to try us at every turn. We have fortified our DSEC Military under the leadership of General Winslow Anderson. His top aide, Colonel WangXiang and his DSEC TopOps Team Leaders, continue covert operations to keep us as safe as possible, and are always at the ready to step in when needed.


H.P. Lovecraft said ... "It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence and solitude." As Monria evolves, more is learned about how the dark forces are attempting to take back the moon and rid themselves of us, which is why we have to stay on top of their activities.

Let's recap what we endured in 2019 (Moon Year 3016) because it is important that we learn from our experiences and why we are now on high alert. We also need to be prepared for what we might have to face this year, because nothing is guaranteed, and some things happened in 2019 that taught us that all is not what it seems.

January 2019
  • a green haze was discovered hovering just above Monria's protective shield
  • it was learned that the production of Maladrite Elixir by the Cultists had increased
  • --- as a result, fumes had escaped through the rock formation above the DSEC Forensics crater
  • --- it was there that we uncovered a portal breach by the Great Old One, Yog-Sothoth
  • the Maladrite Elixir is used to infiltrate the minds of those most susceptible to being controlled
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... find the location of the Maladrite Elixir production and dismantle or destroy it
February 2019
  • it is said that all is fair in love and war, but ...
  • what if that love is elevated to worship in the name of Shub-Niggurath?
  • what if that worship is aligned with evil that rises from the dark side of the moon?
  • --- especially during Valentine's
  • we found two members of the Cult of the Skull displaying their flagrant adoration for Shub-Niggurath
  • --- Kingu and Lumiya did their best to draw evil from the dark side
  • once again we managed to thwart attempts to capture a community member as a human sacrifice
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... more focus on the Shubs and less on distractions during the Valentine's event
March 2019
  • March was a very busy month
  • the story of the Celestial Prison was told by Anthithe as told to him by Thomas Malone
  • the call for new protection against Monria's creatures was answered
  • the new mob armor was named after four of our community members
  • --- Malgar (Shoggoth) - Oberon (Yog) - Pinthas (Cultist) - Shade (Shub)
  • the design was in keeping with Monria's Cthulhu-themed storyline
  • some of the stats may have been adjusted, or currently under consideration for adjustment

Here is an example of the Monria Yog armor:


Cthulhu-associated entities made their presence known, even if only briefly.
  • Tru'nembra ... Cthulhu's Angel of Music (listen too long and you will go mad)
  • Cthylla ... Cthulhu's Secret Daughter (uncertain what her presence means yet)
  • Narissa Thompson ... DSEC Security (member of team who discovered Monria - thought to be dead)
  • Yidhra DreamWitch ... an Outer God with telepathic powers (connected to Esoteric Order of Dagon)
  • Decca ... original leader of the Cult of Shut'thend (was involved in the exodus of the Cultists to Monria)
  • --- she finally showed up on Monria to reclaim her place as Leader of the Cult of Shut'thend
  • Istasha, Mistress of Darkness ... one of the Great Old Ones
  • --- she has already told us that she will lead us into the darkness sometime in the future
  • --- she is also connected to the Cult of the Skull ... they are always trying to create evil chaos
Except for Narissa Thompson, it was learned that these entities are part of a greater plan. My undercover operative told me that it's not something that will happen in the near future, but rather something that is quite intricate with the clear objective of gaining complete control of Monria again. The only thing that was heard more than once was ... mountain of madness.
  • as was expected, there was a full-on major assault on Monria during our St Patrick's Day event
  • we successfully stood our ground and came through victorious
We tried to establish a peaceful coexistence, but none of the creatures were interested. Total control or nothing is their continued mantra, and there is no reason to believe that they won't double or triple their efforts during the next St Patrick's Day celebration event.
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... increase military, community, friend and ally forces to withstand any attack
  • --- especially during the St Patrick's Day celebration and the parade
April 2019
  • April was a relatively calm month in comparison to the earlier part of the year
  • we did not have to engage in battle, and were able to accomplish other things for the community
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... to hopefully facilitate more months like this, but we aren't holding our breath
May 2019
  • we learned of four individuals who heroically fought against Monria's dark forces along side us
  • --- not only individually, but as a bound team in effort and mission to protect Monria from evil
  • they are known as Elder Gods
Gredrrik Alhakekhist "Malgar"
"Oberon" Nightseer Farseeker
"Pinthas" Schmenke Dorian
Eric "Shade" Avenged​
  • They meet at the DSEC Quantum Space Institute (DQSI) located at the Monria Space Station to discuss strategy. It's a section of the space station that is extremely secure with limited access.

Here is one of the renditions of the Elder sign:


These Elder Gods appear to us in human form, but they are aliens who have fought against dark forces since the beginning of time. They are also known as Elder Things and Old Ones, and the first that visited Earth to colonize it about one billion years ago. They are known to possess extremely advanced technology, and created the Shoggoths as a slave race to build their cities both above ground and below water. There is an interesting evolution to reveal about the Elder Gods, which will unfold in future volumes of Monria's story.
  • Know that they are the good guys who have fought along side us for the preservation of our existence on Monria. They have the means to keep the Deep Ones in check and would like our continued help to persevere against the dark forces that so often test our resolve.
  • I have just one question ... how many more Elder Gods walk among us unknown?
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... remain aligned with the Elder Gods and perhaps learn if there are more
June 2019
  • we learned in March that Decca finally showed up on Monria to reclaim her rightful position as Leader of the Cult of Shut'thend ... it appears that for two months she was conspiring with the Cultists
  • it found us in battle again against all creatures of Monria, influenced by Decca
  • you can discover further detail about Decca's history with the Cultists and Monria here
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... thwart Decca's attempts at taking Monria back because they will become much more aggressive and we will need to fortify ourselves
July 2019
  • it was revealed in May that Pinthas is one of four Elder Gods
  • based on discovered records, it appears that Pinthas is more than just an Elder God
  • it seems his role is far more reaching and directly related to the City of R'lyeh
  • --- Cthulhu lies there in a death-like sleep
  • the Cultists are using their advanced technology to recruit Pinthas into helping them in a ritual to awaken Cthulhu ... this is where K'Tan Partathus, Arch Follower of Cthulhu comes in
  • --- he was overseer of the Cult of Shut'thend on Monria since their exodus from Earth in 2346
  • --- also the catalyst for the dark forces at play intent on regaining control by any means necessary
  • the discovered records indicate that Pinthas is experiencing multidimensional encounters that leave him in a state of flux and questioning truth ... he is challenged to remember his past
  • there is a gnawing at his very core that tells him what he is experiencing is wrong, but if it's the only way he can link this multidimensional intrusion with his past, he must consider K'Tan's invitation, regardless of the potential consequences
We are searching for more records that might lead us to Pinthas, but also to his true identity. Elder Gods support Monria's efforts, not hinder them, but Pinthas may not know at this point in time that he is an Elder God. Is he being drawn into a far more detrimental experience than he anticipates?

The critical question at this point might be ... since Decca has now reclaimed her role as Leader of the Cult of Shut'thend, what course of action, if any, will be taken by Decca to secure what is needed to convince Pinthas that his role in awakening Cthulhu is of utmost importance?
  • our battle with dark forces is more against mental capacities of advanced technology than of weapons made of metal ... this is more clear now than it's ever been
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... do our best to research the full capacity of the advanced technology that Decca and the Cultists are using against us and become more trained and prepared as much as possible
August 2019
  • K'Tan Partathus, Arch Follower of Cthulhu used to be the Leader of the Cult of Shut'thend
  • we now know that Decca has shown up and reclaimed her position as Leader of the cult
  • Decca's mission is to do what K'Tan was unable to do ...
  • --- continue with disruption and chaos until the cult gains full control of Monria once again
  • we are known as intruders, but we have done amazingly well in our fight against the dark forces
  • K'Tan is quite busy right now with Pinthas in another dimension helping to restore his memories
  • not sure how all of that is going to work out, but from what I have learned thus far, Pinthas seems to have this under control and is documenting his dimensional experiences
Decca declared all out war and will utilize every resource available to accomplish her mission. It is told that over time, the cult's engagement will become more difficult to fight against. I have it on good authority (and a pretty damn good informant) that escalation of these battles will get ugly.
  • we need to come together to maintain control of our moon and community
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... let's show this cult leader she's in the wrong neighborhood
September 2019
  • It was January 23, 2016 (Moon Year 3013) during a great battle against the Cultists when an ancient file cabinet was found in what was then called the West Crater.
  • It had been concealed in a metal casing, but when removed, it produced revealing information, all of which has not yet been shared with the general public.
  • Of curious note were the handles of the four drawers of the cabinet that we have come to accept as being in the likeness of Cthulhu.
  • The contents of the drawers have proven invaluable in our fight against the dark forces, but more than the documents and artifacts that tell a grim story, the journal hidden in a secret compartment has produced even more worrying matters that put us on alert.
  • According to writings in the journal, there exists what is called a Grimoire, better known as a book of dark magic spells and incantations.
  • At the time of the great exodus of the Cultists from Earth to Monria in 2346, Decca, Leader of the Cult of Shut'thend, gathered Cultist Priests she thought worthy of joining her in a ritual that was to awaken Cthulhu from his death-like sleep in the City of R'lyeh.
  • The ritual became the exodus, because Decca did not reveal that she did not possess the Grimoire, nor that the City of R'lyeh was rebuilt in the deep abyss and at the core of Monria after the city was destroyed on Earth.
Without the Grimoire, the proper dark magic spells and incantations cannot be performed in order to awaken Cthulhu. We knew it was of utmost importance that neither Decca, nor any of the Cultists find this Grimoire. It was said to be well hidden on Monria and we hoped that it didn't get into the wrong hands.

The most disturbing information revealed about this Grimoire is that it is said to actually be related to the Necronomicon filled with such horrifying things that even reading it could make one go mad or insane. The book is referred to as the book of the laws of the dead, or in a literal translation, the book of dead names.
  • So who is immune from the madness and insanity, and whose names are written in the Necronomicon?
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... recover the Grimoire and the Necronomicon before Decca gets her hands on them and we end up in the most deadly battle of our existence thus far.
October 2019
  • it was rumored that the long searched for Grimoire had been found, and not by us
  • it seemed a band of Cultists were relentless in their excavation of the moon and found a suspect grave whose tombstone writing may have given a clue to what was hidden within ...
  • --- "here rests the return of the sleeper" ... if true, this is not good, not good at all
  • if this Grimoire, which is connected to the Necronomicon is authentic, then we have to make sure that it is not in the hands of Decca
  • the contents of the Grimoire is a road map to where the actual Necronomicon is hidden with the dark magic spells that could awaken Cthulhu
The last thing we need is a Cultist ritual led by Decca with incantations that would draw Cthulhu out from his death-like sleep. She has the power, and the darkest of souls to cause such an event. This would be a holy hell unleashed on Monria the likes of which we have not encountered to date.

The exodus from Earth to Monria of the Cultists in 2346 was Decca's doing ... this was just the beginning. The Cultists have been behind every uprising on Monria at the hands of K'Tan Partathus who was leading the Cult of Shut'thend in Decca's absence, but he is now off in another dimension engaged with Pinthas to help him regain his memories and solicit his help in Decca's eventual attempt at awakening Cthulhu. However, Pinthas has regained enough of his memories to know that all of this is wrong, but he has to be cautious with how he handles everything.
  • The question is ... when Pinthas learns who he REALLY is, will it be enough to defeat Decca?
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... recover the Grimoire and the Necronomicon and secure it for safe keeping
November 2019
  • for some reason, November was a relatively unencumbered month
  • the Monria Management & Development Team celebrated their 4 year anniversary
  • even though the creatures gave us a bit of a challenge during the celebration, we handled it
We appreciate our community members who devote a great deal of time and effort toward helping our moon family and extended friends navigate Monria experiences, including those who provide services, and those who volunteer their time to manage some of our Community Initiative Programs (CIP). We just wouldn't be where we are without them.
  • We are the "Expect the Unexpected" development team, and you just never know what will be unleashed at our events in the way of unexpected chaos and craziness.
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... continue growing and appreciating our community while kicking it up a notch
December 2019
  • The entire year, the creatures inhabiting Monria did their best to disorient us, to cause disruption and chaos, and had delusional expectations of taking control of Monria again.
  • Fat chance that's ever going to happen. Not with the determination of our community members, friends and allies who are about as badass as they come.
  • The dark forces thought they had an advantage in catching us off guard because of the holidays, but it became apparent rather quickly that lessons are hard learned by them -- we're always prepared.
  • The creatures didn't stir for long, and no amount of Christmas caroling by the Cultists at DSEC Forensics distracted us enough from achieving yet another victory.
  • We also published the launch issue of our new Monria Quarterly - December 2019 magazine
  • --- you will learn a lot about Monria and how we do things on our moon in our corner of the universe
  • --- there is an exclusive VIP interview with Monria's Owner/Moon Manager - Eugenio Anhithe Wilde
  • --- we will publish an issue in March, June, September and December in 2020
  • 2020 Monria Goal ... build up the badass forces and never let our guard down.

As a follow-up to my personal encounters in 2019, I am still traversing through a reality-distorted field of existence. I somehow manage to wake from each distorted dream with no explicable reason why I continue to have them, and I have yet to decipher what it all means.

As I collected bits of people and things and experiences, and tried to assemble them, I am not any more closer to putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and without the big picture, fragments present an imbalance to where I go from here.

In spite of efforts, there is still a corrosive dynamic that I fear will have lasting implications, and will continue to imperil any attempt to officiate a compromise toward having a peaceful coexistence with the creatures.

It also seems that the path to my destiny is still littered with manipulations. All is not what it seems, but time has continued to teach me that despite distractions, there is still a lot of good on Monria. I am grateful that I can rely on the community to help sort out some of the more entangled experiences, and be there in those moments of exuberance when everything seems right with the universe.

Monria is on high alert right now, but I have confidence in our ability to continue growing Monria at the level we have achieved over the years, and building more support to take on anything Decca and the Cultists want to throw at us.

Decca is definitely in the wrong neighborhood ...
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