2024 Toulan Event Schedule

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The following is the 2024 Toulan Monthly Event Schedule ... also refer to the 2024 Monria Event Schedule.

We are modifying our Yamato warp schedule for these event weekends:
  • Thursday - (instead of Friday) - regular warp route beginning on Monria at 19:00 game time
  • Monday - (instead of Sunday) - regular warp route beginning on Monria at 19:00 game time
  • be sure to frequently check the Yamato Warp Schedule for any changes
We want our passengers to be able to enjoy a full weekend with the Toulan event, and allow our Yamato crew to enjoy the same.
The Monthly Toulan Event always kicks off at Guardian Village @19:00 game time with Queen Nara.

MONTH--FRIDAY / 19:00 Game Time--SUNDAY / Midnight or After
JanuaryJan 26thJan 28th
FebruaryFeb 23rdFeb 25th
MarchMar 29thMar 31st
AprilApril 26thApril 28th
MayMay 24thMay 26th
JuneJun 28thJun 30th
JulyJul 26thJul 28th
AugustAug 23rdAug 25th
SeptemberSep 27thSep 29th
OctoberOct 11thOct 13th
NovemberNov 22ndNov 24th
DecemberDec 27thDec 29th

The October event is earlier in the month because of the Monria Halloween event at the end of the month.
If any further changes occur, this schedule will be updated.
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