24th of Feb TabTab Appreciation Day and walk about


24th of Feb is now TabTab Appreciation Day ((So say I))!!!! Ol' Crazy Uncle Kai spent most of yesterday taming TabTabs to give part out for free to any one who joins and we will spawn our arm of TabTab and march forwards and anyone we meet along the way gets a TabTab ((We will be asking it they want a TabTab in in PMs first. There won't be any pounce trading a here take this business) on this joyous day where we appreciate Toulan's cutest and plumpest rodent... We will have 3 teams and teams will be made up from Swunters ((those who want to sweat and finish of the mobs when they are dry)) and Sweaters ((those who just want to sweat)). If on the day 3 teams are not enough ((3 teams hold 36 people)) I'll jump into Toulan chat and see if we can't get another team leader or if someone who is experienced i leading a large team is who is at the event, making them team leader and now the walk about part... We will be leaving from Guardian Village to the mountain where the higher maturity TabTabs are. Now sadly I can't give out ammo on this one giving out ammo to if we full all three teams would be 360ped if I gave ten ammo to everyone that is over my budget for the next 3 seasonal hunts I have planned. So you want to hunt it will have to come out of your own pocket. I know that is not a problem for some of you ok on to team leaders

Team 1 Stephen Kai Jackson ((Me!))
Team 2 Tia

The event time is 9pm but i would like people to get to guardian village of aound 8:30pm game time. This event is the same as the Heal Support Sweat Circle event ((Thus Wednasday's HSSC will be postponed)) and will be taking over from the Heal Supported Sweat Circle again this event is a little last minute like my hunt event that was only prepared and executed in 4 days but but we can't control when ideas for a fun event will come and seeing as I will be on Monria this weekend... Yeah I thought it might be a fun event to leave the planet on :D

Well the first tabtab appreciation day is over and we got lost in a spawn of jeef... Found our way to snowy mountian outpost then went to cuhof and killed some tabtabs there. Then went back to snow mountain TP and went to citadel, where we when to the wave spawn and killed tabtabs there then we offered ourselves to our lord god kamoosh on this joyous day... and that was tab tab appreciation day until next year

Tabtab appreciation day 2021 globals

[Globals]: Team "TabTab day exploration Team 2" killed a creature (Sunjoq Old) with a value of 12 PED!

[Globals]: Team "(Shared Loot)" killed a creature (Tabtab Stalker) with a value of 10 PED!
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