3 path epic mission chainchain

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3 path epic chain. Probly mostly hunting missions.
1st path choice lvl10 UL laser rifle...lvl10 UL Sword...full set of Ul armor low end maybe slightly better than adj pixie.

2nd path choice lvl20 UL laser pistol.... Lvl20 UL blp rifle.... Full set of UL armor equivalent to viceroy

3rd path choice. Lvl30 UL custom yog fang club.... Lvl30 UL blp pistol....lvl30 UL custom cultist claw knife... Full set of UL armore equal to maybe adj nemesis

All weapons would be of monria type.

Each path can only be completed once with 1 item choose per path.

Like others have stated more mobs would have to be implemented first . and rewards could always be changed around its just an example. It would help keep the market from getting saturated and markups high without hurting already established markets . :grouphug


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I like the ideas there raine but for weapon possibly a full choice, ie I get to choose laser or blp... or maybe even sword too.
This would be more inclusive of everyone as they can pick the tickler of their favorite ammo choice :D

Translation, Im a BLP kinduv guy, I wouldn't want to do a mission for a laser weapon, and don't need another sword since I use it infrequently.

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