8 posts to see the Shoutbox...


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Note from DME ...

Make 8 posts ... just number each post 1 - 8 ...
DO NOT add any text ... thank you.

Once you have made the 8 posts:

Wait until the posts have been moderated and are public in the thread ... at that point, shut down your browser completely ... then open up your browser and log back into the forum ... you should be able to see the Shoutbox on the right just down a bit.

Do NOT log out of your browser and shut it down until you see all of your posts, otherwise it won't work.

Make sure you are in the main forum section or you won't see the Shoutbox

The Shoutbox is where we let our Yamato passengers know when we have reached their destination and is safe for them to log in.

It takes 8 posts to move you into a "Verified User" status, so please make the 8 posts so that it makes it easier to see the Shoutbox.


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LOL ... how about one more just for good measure and to make sure you can see the Shoutbox. :D
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