A New Paparazzi Photo Shoot Corner at the Hub


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I like surprising people, and knowing that I put a smile on their faces, but working with Anhithe, I know that I too can be surprised because he is always looking out for me in ways that will make my job more fun.

He is one creative man, and I got a big surprise when he called me from the mountainside to the Monria Hub because he wanted to show me something.

Ever since Kendra posted her little picture story here, I was inspired, and immediately began thinking about how I could bring my adventures and events and activities with the community into the public eye to show just how much fun we were having in our unique universe, and especially on the Moon.

As a result, I have become quite the shutterbug, and I take my opportunities at any given moment, so you have to know that when you're in my presence, and something wacky or interesting, or fun is going on, that there's a big fat chance that you'll end up as a paparazzi target. :p

Back to the story and the surprise --> When I arrived at the Hub and went into the inner core, I saw Anhithe standing in the far back (left) corner, but that's all I could see at that point. As I got closer, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We were in private chat, and he said he thought I could use a photo shoot corner (or something like that), and I just stood there amazed that he would even think of something like this given how extremely busy he is with marketing and development for Monria. He always seems to make time.

Here is the new Paparazzi Photo Shoot Corner at the Monria Hub:

Entropia 2016-02-15 17-59-19-71.png

This is a great opportunity to be able to upload a variety of backgrounds and do a live photo shoot. The possibilities are endless, and we can get really creative with this. I eventually want to showcase the community in a variety of ways, and this will help me with designing banners and photo content.

Here are a few more photos with Ant and I so that you can see the comparison in size:

Entropia 2016-02-15 17-49-02-79.png

For those who don't know, "Virtualsense" is Anhithe's real life company
specifically created in 2009 to invest in Entropia Universe.

Entropia 2016-02-15 17-52-04-11.png

Entropia 2016-02-15 17-55-33-71.png

Shop Owners have a special place in Anhithe's heart, because that is how his virtual
business venture started. He opened a chain of shops called Peddlers.​

We were having fun chatting about all the possibilities, and then all of a sudden, Anhithe put what looked like a pole in front of the sign. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but I let my mind wander a bit.

Entropia 2016-02-15 18-00-39-80.png

Surely he doesn't expect me to do a pole dance, right?​

We were being silly, and did a whole lotta laughing, but when Anhithe stepped up to the pole, it changed:

Entropia 2016-02-15 18-05-00-68.png

This is either going to be weird, or just plain fun!

Ya had to know it was comin'

When Anhithe and I said that for us it's all about the community, that's exactly what we meant. He even said that he was going to focus less on the real cash economy because it gives too much of an impression that it's a "play to win" situation, and it's so much more than that.

We're going to continue showing the Monrian community exactly what all that means. :clap

Will be interesting to see who the first Paparazzi Photo Shoot victim will be. :p

I see some St Patrick's Day opportunities on the horizon. :D

By the way --> I would have said that this is an open opportunity beyond Staff, but this is something that requires Anhithe's involvement in order to change sign graphics, so we'll have to see what he has to say about it. Maybe another arrangement could be made, but not sure what since he's the only one who can do things with the display areas in the Hub.


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DM and Ant, you never cease to amaze me!! :clapI'm not a long time uber (3 years next month in game) and this is by far the most fun I've had in those 3 years. :happy And you keep coming up with new things to keep it fresh. This is just another example!! Keep up the GREAT work!! :thumbsup


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OMG is right Kendra, I have NO clue where or how he comes up with this stuff. :eek:

I'm not sure I would want to corral Sluggo into some corner of the forum, because what makes it all interesting and fun is when he shows up in threads where perhaps you might least expect him to, and leaves an imprint of Sluggoisms. :D
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