a new Toulan exclusive society: Sandrunner


yes I made it today, I need 4 nice people to join the society though so it can remain.

I'm fairly a new player, there might be some RP elements in this society.

I'm a hunter and a gatherer, hopefully soon gonna be a crafter as well... (mostly furnitures)

I was running on Sandy Shores region of Toulan to find some good lumber while shooting away some pesky Dahhar, I got the idea of creating this society that how.
It's all bare at the moment, I even need 4 kindly people to join in this week to let it survive :)

We walk on the sun baked sand for fortune and glory. A path we walk on can redefine the word 'friendship' or 'solidarity'.

As society goals;
Hunting crafting and gathering while enjoying our whereabouts!
And showing some love to each other <3

Slightly teasing is ok but harrassing someone is a no go. There will be no strict moderating for the path we choose on this digital existence so the common sense can resolve anything if necessary.

These are my words about it.

- N1x the First Sandrunner

A footer note: Even though this society is exclusively created for/on Toulan it doesn't mean that there are no other sun baked sandy beaches to run on. If I can find a page, the first thing I'll do is to create a Sandrunner tavern at Toulan ^_^
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Good luck with the Soc N1

That's a lovely name
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