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This section of the forum has been created to host a variety of articles, profiles, VIP interviews and other published content over the years that are not included in the EntropiaTimes magazine issues.

Many of us are EU veterans with a lengthy game history, and have enjoyed the evolution of Entropia Universe over the years witnessing the many changes that have brought us to today. I have experienced 12 years of these changes as of 4/2/17, and the majority of my (MindStar9's) time was spent writing about the universe in one form or another, or engaged in media activities that showcased the community and possibilities of the fun that could be had beyond the usual grind.

I am currently involved as an official of the Monria Development & Management Team as the Community & Media Manager with a strong and dedicated commitment to elevating the level of fun that we experience on the Moon -- "beyond the usual grind." It is our intent to bring back as much of the good old days as possible with community events and activities, but also create an immersive storyline that embraces our supportive community members and their contributions.

We are documenting our own evolution, and our Monria community will definitely be showcased in a variety of ways to let the rest of the universe know just how we do it on the Moon to bring more fun back to gaming.

You just never know when I will tap you on the shoulder and ask -- "Would you like to ... " :D

More archives content will be added to this section as time permits.
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