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The Monria Official Discord server is a place for players to connect and learn a lot about Monria, but also to share information and ask questions. There are multiple Monria-related links to helpful information collected all at one place and organized in separate labeled channels for convenience.

I am usually on the Monria Discord server throughout the day and part of the evening, and will respond to posts, especially to questions as quickly as I can ... it will depend on my Monria work schedule and deadline priorities. If I am not on Discord and you need help, ping me with a Discord PM and I will get a notification on my phone.

We have an amazing community though, and players have been joining the server, so there will be plenty available to interact with and most likely able to answer your questions.

Anny, Malgar and Shadow are the current Moderators. Please be sure to read the rules for posting ... thank you.

Take the time to explore the new Monria Official Discord server to see what's available and connect with our incredible community ... we can get a bit crazy at times, but that's what makes it fun. :D
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