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@Leodolfr Leon Stronghorse has been away from EU for some time now. Last time we heard from him was on September 30th, when he said he would be back in about a week. I do know that his area was hit by a Hurricane towards the end of August, and luckily didn't affect him much. However he mentioned that he was loaning his bandwidth out to the rescue teams at the time. He also mentioned that he needed to buy a new monitor because his broke in the storm.

@Kinkie has tried sending him an email since then but unfortunately we haven't heard anything back from him yet. This is the only real method of contacting Leon that we have, but if anyone has another way of contacting him please let us know. Otherwise, the only thing we can do is wish for the best and hope he checks in soon.

Until we hear back from Leon, @Lamilla Lami Masterson will be filling in as the Assistant Manager of the Monria Space Travel Program.


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I hope we hear from Leon soon because I know we're all concerned about him.

And congratulations Lami on the "unofficial" promotion to Assistant Manager of the Monria Space Travel Program. You've definitely proven to be a very loyal and dedicated member of the Yama team and you are much appreciated. :)
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