August 2022 News and Summer Hunting Event Timetable


Ok so where have I been the last two months...? Basically doing 6 months of prep in 2 months to get Rocktropia hunt ready hence why the summer hunts are a little late this year and why Toulan and NI hasn't got much love but that is all about to change as I am hunt ready ((Well for summer hunt anyway, Xmas hunt err... >.< )) Also a family holiday in June didn't help so it was more like a month 'n a half of prep time not bad for a free 2 play player, no...? So when do we expect to see these hunts, well the time table looks like this

Rocktropia : 07/08/2022... 7PM EU Time... hunting ? ((but hey I got a whole week to figure that out and I'm open to suggestions))

Toulan : 14/0/08/2022... 7pm EU Time... hunting I'll let you guys pick we hunt Sunjoq all year round so I was thing Tabtab wave spawn or the Jelly Mens but we hunted them the last few hunts again open to Suggestions

Next Island : 31/08/2022... 7pm.. EU Time... chimera is there anything better too hunt :D

Now anyone from any planet is welcome to join, but what ever planet we are on the population takes first priority but as always if someone wants to make they're own team... Twitch stream the event... Or offer themselves up as tribute... I mean healer, or just give use some of that prize donating love ((Or just a case of Fanoos god know I burn though 48 a month on average yes I counted >.< )) I just ask if your going to make a team to hunt long side us as always please be mindful of the event goers

Now I was going to do all events back to back on the fallowing Sunday but Next island has a hunting event on a Sunday so save conflicting it is the last event I will do on a planet for that month. I'd just like to finish by thanking everyone who has donated over the past year and all the benefactors who have kept this event alive.

I am including the other planets hunts here because it is what we all work for and I like to be as inclusive with the hunts as I can be... I remember the first hunt Toulan hunt was mostly made up of people from NI who where over for another event because no one wanted to join, I was later told "it was too good to be true" XD... And I'd like to thank the players who attend my events and make this happen and the donators and benefactors who keep FFSI/HSSC and Crazy Kai Hunts going... And again any suggestions on what you guys wanna hunt on Toulan are very welcome and without Toulan's player created events these event events would probably never have happened... So I would like to take the time to personally thank Ant, DME, and all the Virtual Sense team

I'm also thankful I could prove those who said I was nothing but a con artist and that I was conning new players out of sweat and benefactor out of PED wrong and I hope to be doing this for many years to come...

So yeah any suggestions, comment, or question in the comments please :D

((Also yes I know, no July 2022 news was meant to get this out last night but with Real life, prepping for the hunts, and just stuffs in general it's now August's update >.< ))
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