bambis expedition, skill for free

hey all, so its not really a service but more of a fun activity for the f2p low level players, ideally once a week or twice depending on my free time from regular grind, ill be setting up a hunting circle on monria or toulan depending on where majority of players are, the idea is to have the participants (11 since team max is 12) come and hunt in a group with me, id hand out a low lvl weapon like the the malwood (not sure if that's the right name) and 1 ped of ammo, we would go hunt random mobs or if we have enough firepower do the pyramid event, where we need bodies to take the boss AOE, the players can keep the ped and ammo, after the hunt, this isnt much of a reward but you get skills for hunting for free, also since i do want to see how the turnout is im starting simple, just so new and low level players get to experience some fun, let me know what you guys think as of right now im estimating rolling out the first trial in 1 week, i will most likely upload the video on YT and stream it also on kick, just so theres some fun content besides regular hunting and mining on the internet, let me know what you guys think any good or bad feedback is appreciated since it will help have a more realistic view on what i am doing right or wrong, im sure there will be players trying to exploit this system but i have faith nobody tries and ruin it

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Looks fine to me. New players will like it too.
The pyramid event seems like a bad idea with just the mawloods.
I've not been yet but it's a big dps/hp kinda place.
11 people with 1 ped ammo prob won't be able to take down even 1 mob. I could be mistaken and the wave could start with really low mobs.

But whatever, good luck with this.
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