Baraka Thigh and Shins (F)

Eleni Von Estlla

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And thats me completed!

Even Mullet cant believe it!

Finished in two cuhof today.
Each looted a part.
Tough life of hunting rares, and what a journey it was.... :)

Most delicious in that?

I beat Hally 😇.

Off to tier it to try and shape it a bit better than a pixi now, but i must say, it does look good :) On me anyway.

Entropia 2021-11-24 19.47.51.png

Entropia 2021-11-24 19.48.26.png


  • Entropia 2021-11-24 19.47.35.png
    Entropia 2021-11-24 19.47.35.png
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