Beginner Mission #3 | Mining on Monria | Chuck Iverson


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This is beginner mission #3 taken from "Chuck Iverson" at the Monria Hub, 2nd floor, far end:

This is the notification you will get after taking the mission from Chuck Iverson.
You get a finder, some probes, and the mission "The Monria Arrival" is shown as completed.
You will get "Mining on Monria" as your next mission.

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The interesting thing about the beginner mining mission is that a Narcanisum claim was found, and while that is what was extracted, it also put one Maladrite Stone in inventory. I'm assuming that the mission is set up this way so that no matter what your claim is, the one Maladrite will show up in inventory. It seems also that even with the limited amount of probes, you should get a claim. Go just outside the East end of DSEC Forensics and drop your probes.

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The one Maladrite Stone is delivered to Chuck Iverson to complete the mission.

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