Beginner Mission #5 | Find the Weapons Depot | Ben Connors


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This is beginner mission #5 taken from "Ben Connors" at the Monria Hub, 2nd floor, far end:

From the DSEC Forensics location, run out the East end and to the left, then turn right and follow the curve around to find the weapons depot on the right.

Entropia 2018-09-06 16-11-50-93.png

Go up the hill on the right to reach the location. Your mission will update before you get the instruction to talk with Sgt Dawn Frasier.

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Entropia 2018-09-06 16-13-41-20.png

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You will be given some ammo, and the new mission "Disrupt the Ritual" ... you will return to the area you were sent to during the "Investigate the Cultists" mission.

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