Beginner Mission #6 | Disrupt the Ritual | Sgt Dawn Frasier


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This is beginner mission #6 taken from "Sgt Dawn Frasier" at the weapons depot from the previous mission:

Entropia 2018-09-06 16-15-20-66.png

You will return to where the Cultist was sighted in the mission "Investigate the Cultists" ... you will then get new instructions to "Kill the Shoggoth the Cultists are targeting" ... tag the Shoggoth on the right from a distance if you can so that you don't aggro the 2 Cultists that are near it.

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I think killing the one will work, but you'll know when the mission updates and asks you to return to Sgt Dawn Frasier back at the weapons depot.

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Entropia 2018-09-06 16-32-26-93.png

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Once the "Disrupt the Ritual" mission has updated, you will be given a new mission.

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