Beginner Mission #7 | Find the Equipment | Sgt Dawn Frasier


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This is beginner mission #7 taken from "Sgt Dawn Frasier" at the weapons depot outside DSEC Forensics:

You are given "Find the Equipment" as your next mission.

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The equipment cases are out of order with regard to what you find first, second and third. The first two you will definitely need to kill a Shoggoth or two.

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The first equipment case is going to be much more difficult because it's not only in the larger open cave area up near the rock formation, there are a lot more Shoggoths after we added more maturities and increased the normal spawn of all mobs. You might need to invite a member from MCAT to assist you ... ShadowV and/or Malgar are Co-Managers of MCAT and they are usually available into the early evening game time, or just ask in Monria chat to see if anyone is available to help.

If no one is available, you may have to be creative in order to get around the Shoggoth to get to the equipment case at the rock formation, but if you get there, click on the case right away before your death, because it will be inevitable. :devil

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After you die (IF you die because you did this on your own), you will get information on "Death" ... don't click on "Ok" right away to revive and read through the information.

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Once you finish reading the information on "Death" ... you will be asked to return to "Andy Greenfield" ... he is at the Monria Hub, 2nd floor, far end, and he will give you your next mission.

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I'm adding information about the Voynich Manuscript in case anyone is interested.

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The "Find the Equipment" mission will be updated and you will be given the "Craft on Monria" mission ... you will receive Lysterium, Zoldenite and the Monrian Power System Blueprint.

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