Beginner Mission #8 | Craft on Monria | Andy Greenfield


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This is beginner mission #8 taken from "Andy Greenfield" at the Monria Hub, 2nd floor, far end:

You are given supplies and the Monrian Power System Blueprint to complete this mission.


Go to the Trade Center crafting tower on the 2nd floor and DO NOT use a crafting NPC.
You can also go to the crafting machine at DSEC Forensics.



Click on the crafting tower in the Trade Center or crafting machine at DSEC Forensics
next to the Auctioneer to bring up the Construction Wizard.
It will show the Monrian Power System Blueprint and Lysterium and Zoldenite you have in inventory.
Click on the Monrian Power System Blueprint if it isn't already highlighted.


Next, click on the "Construct" tab.


Next, click on the "Attempts" until it shows you have 3 attempts.
Then click on "Construct" just below where it shows the success rate.


You will get the notification that you successfully crafted a Monrian Power System.



The "Construction Attempt Statistics" will also verify that your crafting was a success.
The mission should update and you can return to Andy Greenfield.

However, if you used a crafting NPC and/or the construction tower in the Trade Center,
or the Construction Machine at DSEC Forensics, and your mission did not update, then ...

You will need to go back to see Andy Greenfield and choose Option #2
in order for the mission to update.



After your mission updates, you will be given a new mission.


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