Belkar, Caldorite and Iron

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Caldorite and Iron are both pretty common on Toulan, particularly in the center of the map (east west).

I don't recall ever finding Belkar, but I think is it present on Toulan as it shows up on auction sometimes when there's been a lot amped mining going on. Also, it is needed for BP's, and to my knowledge all of the Toulan BP ingredients are present.

If anyone want to confirm, and perhaps provide location, that would be cool :)

Cheers, Miles


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Belkar Stone

I could be wrong, but in checking LBML (little big mining log) there is no Belkar Stone shown. That does not mean that it is not here, however it makes it likely that it is either in very small quantities or very rarely found.



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Ores and Enmatters

Audrey, did you have a loot at LBML? On that site you can see the depths of the minerals (min, average, max) so you can get an idea if the finder you are using is sufficient to go deep enough to have a good shot at getting the ores / enmatters that you want to get. I am slowly compiling some data on what I find where and at some point will add it to the forum or on the wiki.



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Pakistani President Mamnoon wants Charlie Hebdo to apologise for hurting Muslims, what U think about it?
Mamnoon is an ancient Arabic word that literally means (Thankful or Generous) , it may coincide to be used as a name of people or things, which is not our intent.

Planet Toulan is an Arabian Nights Mythology inspired Sci-Fi world, a theme of fiction that is not related in any way to the real world.

Kindly keep the conversation focused on Toulan's gameplay and fictional lore, thanks Robert.


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I did a couple of mining runs, unfortunately did not find any Belkar or Caldorite. I did find some iron, but not enough to warrant a decent crafting run. As I get my own materials to craft, it meant those BP's requiring Belkar and Caldorite were not crafted. A real pity.
I use a Ziplex Z20 with enhancers to push Finder depth to 593m. Maybe when I get back to Toulan with a Ziplex Z25 enhanced i may have more luck, and someone will have confirmed that Belkar is available.
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