Blue Neon sign!!! Blatant advert too

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I didn't expect this when I picked out the Blue Open 24 hours BP on the first day (should have really blonde moment!)

2022-03-01 -- Blue Neon Open24 Sign Blueprint (L) 0 PED .jpg

So I tried crafting it and failed :rolleyes

Luckily a few days later Buckfast had some neon to sell so I swooped it all up and tried again and it worked first time typically :p

2022-03-03 -- Blue neon Open 24 hours 0 PED .jpg

And now it's in pride of place at The Pitstop Booth 8 Floor 7 -- Toulans travel shop, Vehicles, Oil, thrusters, weldwire RK-0 RK-25 LUX antigrav Luggage Open 24 hours!!!
Entropia 2022-03-04 04.56.10.jpg

And I also made a pink one but no HOF for that but it means I can tell you about Heidis Bazaar! Floor 7 Shop 21 for all your crafting requirements, ores/enns/parts/oils huge range all below MU :laughing2

Entropia 2022-03-04 04.57.38.jpg

Thank you for your custom :)
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