Book of Life Pages: Creature Spells, Potions, Incantations


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I'm sure there's a few of us in this boat but, I figured I'd make a post/ad.

If your new to Toulan, here you have the opportunity to participate in finding the lost pages of the book of laws in almost everything you do here. Crafting, Mining, Hunting, Instances, etc. What this means to you is these pages when found can be turned into the devs and they will reward you with an estate.

I'm making this post for the shop pages. I'm very motivated to own a shop on Toulan and the pages that are associated to shops are Creature Spells, Potions, and Incarnations. Now there are other pages out there for Apartments and im assuming maybe possibly for the 2 ad locations into Nahar towers but, idk about that.

But, I'm writing this in the event you do find a page and you dont want to own a shop I'll purchase it from you. Reach out to me in game or on here and id love to come to some arrangement with you! Happy Hunting and I look forward to all those pages to be found and to a thriving Toulan in the future :p I will not abandon the shop and let it go to waste like so many have in Caly, im here for the long haul. :p

im Ace FireFist Williams in game so, again pst me here or there and we'll figure something out. and ofc if you have questions im happy to help also :p

Eleni Von Estlla

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Seems more like a trading post, from you placing an order, in my arrogant opinion :)

I wish that you loot a page, but if it comes to this, wishing you luck on getting a seller to make your dream come true.
I personally dont want an estate. I may keep a large appartment, if i like the inside, for a future project, but not even sure about that.

Good luck on your project :hi


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yea i wasn't sure if i should post in estate section or trade >< figured since im still under my allotment for being new to the forum DME would sort it out but, it seems i didn't need approved this time lol so, now its on me lmfao so, idk ><


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Eleni is right, this is more of a trade post than general discussion, so I moved it to Toulan Trade | Buying. I'm a bit involved in the Toulan mobs project right now, so apologies for missing where the thread was initially posted. Thanks for the heads up Eleni. :)
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