Buying: Directors Set - [Directors chair], [Screenshot light 2], [Screenshot light 1]


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Thank you DarkMoonEnigma... Roslyn Kaz Farstar it is not possible to add you over the Player register, please write me or send me a friendship request if you are online. Thank you
I love this way of asking for a person you don't know but would love to meet for help finding them in the confusing directory system. I've already stolen it and used it in game with a great trader on #toulan. Kaz, if you still have materials later some time could I get a message too? No rush, I have to plan in my head what to use the items for, but I bet there's some art to come up with if I think long enough 🤔

@Bill_TheGalactic_Hero I'd love to hear your ideas sometime about how to use these items -- really fun tools/props it sounds like.
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