Buying Hunting and Mining loot

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Pm me in game for others or if you need to meet, at this current time I am buying the following.

Prices will be updated daily before I spam in #MonriaTrade please note that prices could be outdated at any given time until I update if you feel there is a pricing error for the day please contact me ingame.

Ores and Enmats
Alferix 101%, Belkar 100.5%, Growth Molecules 100.5%, Magerian 100.5%, Oil 100.5%, Ares 104%, Blausariam 101%, Force Nexus 101%, Sweetstuff 101%

Caldorite 102%, Narcanisum 102%, Iron 105%, Angelic 106%, Energized Crystal 110%, Fire Root 115%, Quantium 135%,Typo 155%, Xeremite 150%, Dianthus 175%

Hunting Loots
Muscle oil 102%, Basic Stone/Leather Extractors 120/140% , Wool 105%, Output Amps 170%

A pills 350%, Rare Animal Essence 1000%, Brukite stones 2 Ped/k, Fruit 7 ped/k, Arkadia Underground Deeds 77 Ped,

I will update this thread as I expand my buying If I am not hunting I can be found @ DSEC Forensics
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