cant figure out what drops a BP


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so im pretty new to the game. i started the game with the goal of being melee really. when i started i didnt realise you could pick starting planet but its whatever. i found an amp on wiki i want and no one seems to make probably due to the cost to make it. it is from monria but nowhere i look can i figure out what drops it on monria.

the blueprint is for melee durability amplifier there are a few different ones. none of which seem to be unlimited which means you probably need to have about 10 just to hope for a chance of one success. so i would need to farm many however i cant find which mob drops it let alone which level of difficulty of that mob. for all i know this was an event reward. can anyone here enlighten me?


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Do you actually have the BP? If so, right click it in your inventory to see what the recipe is to make the amp.

If it's what I think it is, which requires Yog Eyeballs and Cultist Claws (among other items), those items are very much in demand and drop from our Yog and Cultist mobs. Also, I don't think anyone has yet been able to craft the amp.

Blueprints drop while crafting. For example, when crafting weapons from a weapon blueprint, it will drop other weapon blueprints. Same while crafting from an amp blueprint.

I hope that isn't too confusing. I'm sure others who are more knowledgeable in these things will contribute and help sort this out for you.


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Entropiawiki is a good resource. Also for crafting. Do you mean this series of blueprints? Sadly which blueprint can drop them is not given (what blueprints you can use to farm it, is often added). What i can tell you is that because this is a level 4 blueprint. You need to have attachment engineer level 12.5 to have the best chance of succes.
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