Cant login :(


I also have this issue, only i get a crash when i try to login, i tried to teleport from space station to Monria and it crashed. Since then it is constantly crashing when i try to login :(.

I am getting the above error.


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Sorry you're having that issue KoBrA, not sure what it could be. If you have Monria downloaded ok, then you should be able to teleport from the TP at the Space Station to the Moon, and it's free.

Maybe someone else might have a clue what's going on here and can help, otherwise it might be up to MA to respond to what problems you're having with the crashing.

I would say it might be the bug that popped up today with the update, but you said you've been having this issue for a few days now, so not sure what's happening.

I hope it gets fixed for you.
This guy has the same issue: Help: Traveling to Monria > Crash after teleport

My answer:
"I had the same issue, but I was already on Monria.
I resetted the graphics settings in the launcher.

Tools -> Graphics -> Reset.

I hope this helps.

Edit: I also ran the launcher as administrator. Dunno if this is necessary."
Thank you! but it is the same guy haha.

I have opened a new support case, under "Stuck" category, maybe i did not select the correct category before ( technical issues )

I will wait for further solutions or an answer from Entropia Support.

Will update here if i find solution, maybe it will help other people!

Thank you very much for your implication!!
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