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Hello :)

Today we had someone stuck at cave 3 revive, usually when this is the case we were able to find someone to help.
But, because there was a recent VU most of the players went to see Toulan.

At the time of the incident we couldn`t find a player strong enough to help for 30 minutes.

I think the reason players getting stuck at this revive is; while hunting L7-9 mobs at the entrance of the cave if you somehow die, you revive among L24-36 mobs.

A player strong enough to hunt L7-9 might not be strong enough to hunt L36 mobs. So they get stuck.
Maybe moving the revive point to the Northwest of the cave will help lower the amount of players getting stuck.

The reasoning behind this suggestion is moving the revive further away from Cave 3 TP will able the revive at TP to cover L7-9 mobs area and Cave 3 revive will still do its intended job of a player being able to revive close enough to the waves so that the wave does not timeout.

There is also the option of adding oneway auto teleporter right next to that revive back to Cave 3 TP.


Avum :)
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