Celebrating 17 Yrs in our Ever-Evolving Universe


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It was April 2, 2005 when my original avatar MindStar9 (currently enjoying a long cryogenic sleep) stepped off an intergalactic space ship at Port Atlantis and where my adventures began. My brother had been experiencing the universe for about a month when he told me about Entropia and that I needed to try it. It was also a way for us to be able to share some virtual time together since we lived in different states in the US. Calypso was the only planet at the time, so no other choice.


MindArk Guides Emma & Simon were helpful to all new arrivals.


This is a photo of my original avatar MindStar9 from 2005.​

My professional background at the time was in the field of behavioral science, so I was immensely intrigued with the prospect of interacting with a globally-diverse universe and all that it had to offer. My journey through the past 17 years has been nothing short of enlightening, while also challenging at times, but it certainly presented wonderful opportunities for which I am very grateful.

My greatest passion in this universe has been to write about and promote the community-at-large, but also give a focus on possibilities that make our universe even more engaging from a social aspect. I've done media work for all original planet owners and MindArk alike, (other than Toulan) and it was very enjoyable and educational, but my greatest appreciation is given to the opportunities I've had with the Virtualsense Team, because I have the freedom to be more involved and more creatively expressive while exploring a multitude of projects that are quite fulfilling. It's history now that I also have experience with Toulan and it's incredibly grand.

Ant celebrates his 17th year in Sep, Pusherman (Ant's RL brother) in Oct, and Kendra (Ant's RL wife) in Dec, and the four of us have been friends and connected for most of that time ... and since we are pretty much on the same page when it comes to this universe, you could say the VS Team was inevitable.

I love our community and what it stands for, and that the community is supportive in helping to make experiences at our 3 locations more enjoyable. The guidance given and the helpfulness to all whether new, veteran or somewhere in between is admirable, so thank you for your continued contributions in so many ways.

I look forward to the evolution of Entropia Universe and what the future holds for us, UE5 should give it a nice boost.

In the meantime, have a look at our Entropia Universe Archives section for some more fun stuff out of the past. There's a progressive look of my avatars over the years.

Thank you for being a wonderful community ... and BTW ... if any of you have photos from early days, post them in this thread or in the EU Archives in a new thread.
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