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Thursday | May 19, 2016

We are closing in on six months since taking over the Moon (seems much longer), and the test of time has been very revealing, as well as enlightening. We have learned what's working efficiently, and what's not, but have also been inspired by community and individual initiatives that have us refocusing our efforts.

We said from the very beginning that we wanted to build the Monrian community from the ground up, and our experiences over the past (almost) six months have clearly shown us what we need to give more attention to, and the importance of reorganizing our initiatives, so over the course of time, there will be some changes.

We've had some challenges, but it doesn't mean stopping our efforts on any one thing, but rather dropping back ten yards to punt, and never losing sight of the goal. The following summary of activities over the past couple of months gives an overview of some key points and basically what direction we're headed.

Community Advisers Program
  • we have not added anyone new
  • it seems that many non-CA members of our community are also quite helpful
  • our community has grown quite a bit, and there's a natural synergy in place that's working well
Monria Mentors Program
  • we added @StarDrifter @Arcyon and @Hovno as official Monrian Mentors
  • you can see the full list of official Monria Mentors here
  • this program will be getting an enormous boost as a result of plans in the making
  • we have some very dedicated Monrian Mentors and want to engage them more with their Disciples
  • we will be announcing --> The Mentor Games <-- in the near future, so stay tuned
  • the Mentors know nothing about this yet, so don't ask them :D
Monria New Arrivals Training (MNAT)
  • MNAT is a brand new and exciting program founded by @Arcyon
  • the program is continually being developed and refined, but have a look at the first classes here
  • this program is also 100% supported by the Monria Team and we are excited about it
  • two additional instructors have been added --> @Hovno and @Gatekeeper
  • -----> over time, more instructors will be added so that we can cover various time-zones
  • the premise of this program is to offer basic learning to our new players and guide their experiences
  • this is a classroom style environment where current instruction and Q&A takes place in a private chat
  • -----> there is consideration for vocal instructing but details need to be worked out
  • -----> E8ty2nd has offered a medium to make this happen, so we'll see how this progresses
  • part of the classroom curriculum includes field trips, including exploration of other planets and missions
  • we (Monria Team) will be giving more focus to our new players and their Mentors
  • we are not a full planet, but we have an exceptional community with brilliant ideas
  • there are exciting things in store for this new program, so stay tuned for announcements
Monria Free Space Travel Program
Monria Shop Owners Program
  • the Monria Shop Owners and Monrians Selling From Apartments seem to be doing well
  • the goal is to have a balance of supply and demand to accommodate the Monrian community's needs
  • this will be accomplished even if we don't have a very active Monrian Auction House
  • this is another program that will see some additional benefits in the near future
Monria Wiki
  • the Monria Wiki is not accessible right now because Ant is doing some work on it
  • this is a forum feature that is being discussed and how we want to move forward with it
  • when there is more news it will be posted
Monria Mapping
  • the Monria Mapping is still a work in progress
  • @Crazyshadow published mining maps in the Monria Wiki at the forum
  • however, since the Wiki is not available, perhaps some info can be copied to the public forum area
  • I will give that some consideration
  • the teleporter Map with legend by @Eric Shade Avenged is worth re-posting
Key.png MonriaTPs.png
Monria Team Ambassadors
  • the Monria Team Ambassadors were created to assist the Monria Management Team
  • these individuals, in their own way, have already made contributions toward our ongoing goals
  • I love them immensely, and just can't say enough about them as Monrian supporters
  • the MTAs have a unique position because they get to do all sorts of cool and crazy things
  • they are very instrumental with event planning and organization
  • they proved their worth during our epic St Patrick's Day Event - it got wonky :eek:
  • Update --> the MTAs are about to get busy as well, they just don't know it yet :D
Atlas Haven Radio
  • AHR added new DJs --> @StarDrifter, @Pillzy, @Kitty and Mater (not sure a member of the forum)
  • you can catch all content related to AHR in their own forum sub-section here
  • Monria has music streams, and we are considering adding more with additional programming
Monria Participants Board
  • we are back at the drawing board on this because we don't think we need it right now
Other Monria News

Unless you're in the thick of it, or an active part of our community, the unknown is how busy we are, but that comes to light for those who discover what we're about and where we're going. The daily nuances that make our Monria community a family is what will take us from here to there.

We are constantly evolving, getting the community involved and learning what works and doesn't work, as well as finding out how they would like to experience the Moon environment. It won't happen overnight, but we are doing our best to at least make as much of it happen as possible.

We also look at challenges as opportunities to make changes for the better. We are on the same page and unified in our effort to achieve goals and realize our vision for Monria. We are headed in the right direction.


Darth Revan Reborn

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It's amazing to see how much you all have done in the 6 month's since ownership.
I don't think any planet is actively involved and listening to the community as what is happening here on Monria.

Being a new person, I really think all the initiatives going on for new players to learn/understand how this game works and how to sustain themselves (while having a lot of fun in the process), is one of the many ways that sets Monria apart from MA or the PP. Hopefully this will help the retention rate of new players to the game which will increase the economy overall. I look forward to helping to contribute in the future as I learn more about this game.

Keep up the awesome work on the moon!


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Thank you Darth, your feedback is very valuable. We tune in because our community members are our most valuable assets. It makes no sense for us to create an environment only the way we want it and then invite others to experience just what we provide without consideration for a more engaging experience.

From the beginning we said that we wanted this to be a partnership toward making Monria an environment that fits with what the community would like to experience. While we may not be able to implement everything, we will definitely do our best to at least address how we can add to, or enhance what we already have in place.

Our To Do List is exciting, and we have a nice road map in place, but it all comes down to timing and how we can work effectively with MindArk so that it's not an overwhelming process. We appreciate they have their hands full, and accept the time afforded us because the working relationship is a good one.

We also love our MA Engineer and his magic fingers that cause chaos during our events. He hasn't missed a beat. :thumbsup

Aside from development, which is a rather slow process, but understandable, we will be increasing community engagement in other ways to keep activity going, and especially for our Monrian-born population and their Monria Mentors. There's extra benefit to having an official Monria Mentor because they are part of the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) that has advantages and funding support from the Monria Management Team.

There will be a new flurry of activity soon, so keep an eye on the forum.
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