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I've had a very good first month running the shop and it is a very busy thing to do and keep current.

Now that Hally is selling weapons across from me and Mercy has a stock of Armatrix downstairs I'm going to to phase out all the weapons and armour from my shop so that I can concentrate more on the mining and craftable resources.

Although 220 slots is a lot to fill I am finding my storage is filling up because I don't have room to sell EVERYTHING lol so by removing most of the weapons from my shop not only does it free up more space for mining equipment and mats it opens up the market for other traders which I think is reasonable.

I'm still going to stock Whips and Vehicles and TT and Repair units (cheapest on Toulan btw!!!) but most of the pistols, rifles and armour are going to be removed over the next couple of days to allow for my other stock.

So that should keep DME busy again :yourock

If anyone has specific mats or items they would like to see in stock then post below and I'll put it on the list.




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Yes, you definitely keep me busy :p but I'm happy to hear that your shop is doing well. I'm sure the Toulan community appreciates your efforts, and I love it when shop owners give consideration to what others are selling. :thumbsup
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