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Today (Sunday, Sep 19th, 2021) was an exciting one ... right from the beginning when we introduced our first DSEC-9/Toulan crossover mission (DEC Emissary), Synial has been dedicated to working this mission chain at every chance he got, and today, he reached a milestone ...

Synial was the first to get to the point in the DSEC-9/Toulan crossover mission where he had to gather a group together in order to take down the OTIS Commander (L1141) ... and ... he discovered the end item in the crossover mission, but as a broken item ... he now has to go to Toulan to see Rais and finish off the last leg of the crossover mission to get the fully repaired and functional Silver Crown:​
[Globals]: Yog Synial Sothoth is the first colonist to discover A Silver Crown ! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!​
[Globals]: Yog Synial Sothoth has found a rare item (A Silver Crown ) with a value of 1 PEC! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!​
[Globals]: Team "(Shared Loot)" killed a creature (DSEC OTIS Commander) with a value of 8838 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!​

Entropia 2021-09-19 13-34-29-38.png
Entropia 2021-09-19 13-54-33-61.png

There will be a fully-detailed article in the Dec issue of our Virtualsense Quarterly magazine. I'll be gathering info from Synial.

Thank you goes to the following players who helped Synial in this leg of his crossover mission to take down the OTIS Commander:
  • Shadow "ShadowDragonV" Dragon
  • Gredrrik Alhakekhist "Malgar"
  • boa "crusher" snake
  • Sterling "Gatekeeper" Sky
  • Alaina "Bonnie" Knight
  • John Black Knight (JBK)
  • Gaina "Messi91" Cristi
Hope I didn't miss anyone ... this was a super exciting event that occurred and now Synial is on his way to meet with Rais at the CoreBite Corporation at Toulan to start the last leg of this crossover mission and getting the fully repaired and functional Silver Crown.

Congratulations again Synial, well done, and well deserved. :jumpclap

Here is Bonnie's Twitch Clip of the double HoF when the OTIS Commander was killed.
Right click on the link and open in a new tab.


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A big thank you again to everyone who came out and helped (and also a big thanks to those who helped keep me sane along the way) :D

For those who are curious... it's going to require a decent amount of time on Toulan before knowing what the final reward is but I'll let you know as soon as I have it.
Gz again, please let us know if we can help
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