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Many do their due diligence when it comes to Entropia Universe before making a decision as to where they want to start their avatars. It's always good to know not only what is available to you as a player, but also how you may fare better in one place or another.

We added Planet Toulan to our Virtualsense family on August 19, 2020 ... and now that we have become Planet Partners and have full control over the development process, we are able to elevate the player experience to new levels, and we will continue to do this over time and with each Version Update (VU).

Review the Toulan / Monria - A New Beginning announcement to gain insight into exactly what this means, as well as our first development release notes for Toulan to learn what we've done, and what the plans are - VU 20.3 The Last of the Safians - and the follow-up patch release notes - VU 20.3.1 Some Fixes & Adjustments.

After you have reviewed both the Monria and Toulan information at this forum, and have decided you want to join us either at Monria or Toulan, then do the following:
  • first, create a new Incognito tab in your browser by right clicking on New Tab
  • then go to our official website (link below)
Virtualsense Website

Click on either the Monria or Planet Toulan link at the top of the site, and then click on the PLAY NOW button to be taken to a new screen/tab where you can create your Entropia Universe account and begin your adventures.

NOTE ... Monria doesn't have its own beginner area so new Monrian Born avatars must go through the Planet Calypso beginner training at Thule first where you will get items, but at the end of the training you will meet up with Lt Smith who will offer you a way to transport to Monria where you will end up at the Monria Hub teleporter. Also, after creating your Monrian Born avatar, in the beginning you will be wearing the Calypso jumpsuit, but as soon as you exit the building you should be able to see your exclusive Monrian Born shirt of white with black trim and the logo on the back.

If you choose to create your avatar on Planet Toulan, your beginning point will be the Citadel where you will start your beginner missions, and also receive items.

The forum is going through a reorganization because we recently imported the old Toulan forum into our Virtualsense forum so that we are all together in one place. We are also in the process of adding Toulan information for missions, mobs, items and other content that will be helpful to navigate your experiences with Toulan.

The Virtualsense Development Team used to be the Monria Team, and we have been together for almost 5 years as a team (Nov 26th) with a dedicated focus on community, but we have also spent nearly all of our 15+ years in the game as friends and family, and game players prior to connecting as a team to develop a more enjoyable experience on our beloved moon Monria. Now we get to pump up the volume not only with the future expansion of Monria, but also developing for Toulan.

If you choose to give Monria or Toulan a try, you will be joining a very welcoming blended community that spans both Monria and Toulan. We are united in our efforts to provide the best community and player experience possible, but our current community members can best express what that means.

We don't claim to be for everyone, but we will always give it our best.
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