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Here's just a teaser of the cool time we had on the aerial platform that Oberon NightSeer built. There are plenty more photos and video footage of the event to come, but that won't be until probably sometime on Monday. I'll post more photos on Sunday though because I have quite a few of them. The event was really great fun.

I want to thank our Monria Event Support Team who helped with several activities to give it a nice boost, and to the boss for showing us just what a shapeshifter he is. :D

Entropia 2016-07-23 13-09-24-75.jpg

Jo Brazil

Event was awesome fun, DME! Even that surprise ending was excellent! AND I racked up somewhere around 1200 yogs on my 5K yog mission, putting me within 500 of finishing that stage of it! WOOT! Although, by the time the yog hunt ended, my poor computer was so stuffed with splattered yog guts, I couldn't do anything except "move, shoot, move, shoot, heal, move, shoot, buy ammo, move, shoot, heal"


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I added the Yog Scraper Event winners at the bottom of the original post.

I will be in the game as DME at about 21:00 EU time today after my Yamato travel schedule ship duties as MFM. If you aren't available to collect your prize then, let me know what would be a convenient time and I'll try to work around that.

Congratulations to the winners!

I also want to give a special thank you to our Event Support Team, they were fantastic: :aok

@RosaRaine Buns
@Superraine raine r456
@Cool FIre
@Jo Brazil

I would ask them again to help in a heartbeat -- that's how amazing they were as a team. :clap


To our Monria Ninja Wizard

There isn't thanks enough one can give to our incredible Ninja of Wizardry @OberonNightSeer for sharing with us his Monria Magic and allowing us to elevate the fun factor. He's beyond definition because he's just that extraordinary, but I may be bias since I love this man of magic and wizardry. :D

Thank you Obie, for bringing another dimension into our event planning and giving so much time and effort to what you do that makes it so magical. However, someone dubbed it "Six Flags over the Moon" because it's like having our own spectacular theme park.

I don't think anyone expected to be greeted by 5 Count Vamps in my penthouse pool when we got to the Finale and everyone took the cool high-dive slide from the aerial platform to where most didn't know they would end up. The Pumpkin Dumper at Massacre Hill was awesome (included a few Count Vamps), and the flame show by some of our hidden event team members was another nice special effect.

You are an amazing, awesome, wonderful, fantastic and brilliant Ninja Wizard. :clap



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I'm adding a few more screen shots -- I have most of everything on video footage, so you'll see some pretty cool stuff that happened throughout the event on the video -- there may be more than one video because of how I'd like to do it.

These are the 3 event signs I created special for the walk to Monria's Massacre Hill led my Anhithe.

EventSign-1.jpg EventSign-2.jpg EventSign-3.jpg

These are additional pics that include some prep pics.

EventPic-1.jpg EventPic-2.jpg EventPic-3.jpg EventPic-5.jpg EventPic-6.jpg EventPic-7.jpg

At one point, I was being held hostage at the Main Crater.



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lovin those gifs @Fortunas

:ecstatic:ecstatic:ecstaticABSOLUTELY AWESOME EVENT :ecstatic:ecstatic

:cheer :cheer @OberonNightSeer YOU ARE AWESOME :cheer :cheer

I have taken a few shots of the event but first... Let me take a selfie!
obie event 12.jpg

Following the leader
obie event 38.jpg

Oh ya I am ready to partay
obie event 37.jpg

I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about this Is Anhitthe looking where he is going ;)
obie event 32.jpg

It looks like rain
obie event 31.jpg

And there seems to be a Dark moon in the sky

obie event 7.jpg

Total Chaos on Massacre hill
obie event 23.jpg

obie event 1.jpg

obie event 28.jpg

obie event 2.jpg

Moving on to a better place
obie event 14.jpg

Can I come too please?
obie event 17.jpg

REALLY?? This place is awesome :)
obie event 18.jpg

And Finally back to more chaos in the pool
obie event 20.jpg

The party's over and it's time to go home :(
Can I take a doggie bag at least??
obie event 21.jpg


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I'm still working on the video guys, but I set it aside because I got news from my informant Goth, and it is a bit unnerving. I have to look into the impact this might have on us, but strangely enough, Kipling was mentioned, and you know I've been trying to solve this mystery for a long time.

I will update you as I learn more.

New York Rose

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I love those photos and Fortuna is amazing with the GIF's. Looks like everyone had a absolute blast!

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