CUHOF Daily Reward(s)


Skill rewards given do not match the values shown in the mission log.

For example:

CUHOF Duhol claims a 54 pec handgun reward - reward is less than 1 pec, looks like around .0054 ped instead of .54 ped

CUHOF Mokhat claims 40 pec dexterity reward - reward is less than 1 pec, looks like around .0040 ped instead of .4 ped

I say "looks like" because calculations are rough when dealing with values worth less than 1 pec.

Qaffaz is off as well - do not have the exact figures but seeing the skill reward from this mission prompted me to log values on future dailies.

edit: Hunt 170 Dahhar (Daily) which gives 11 pec of handgun gives 20.30532x more skill than the CUHOF Duhol daily which equates to the CUHOF daily giving .0054 ped as expected in the original post.
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Where were what numbers mentioned? The rewards that are supposed to be given? The mission description.


None of the CUHOF missions give advertised rewards.

Go complete the above mission and then compare the above rewards to the mission shown below (typo btw).


The Dahhar mission gives .11 PED as shown, CUHOF missions are two decimal places off. In the case Duhol they give between .0053 PED and .0054 PED - all other missions outside of the instance give advertised rewards.
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Thanks Synial

The actual reward for the CUHOF dailies never changed. The description was added incorrectly, the updated description will be in the next V.U
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