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Just want to mention that I won a shopkeeper pad in CUHOF few days ago, now on Auction, it was in CUHOF 5, I would myself be interested to know if others had looted similar rare things. It was shown on HOF list as UNKNOWN.

And by the way, there is an instance door in the CUHOF cave which seems to be reserved. It is like the special ones. Any info on when/whether it will be available?

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Gratzz , that is a nice find. I haven't heard of one dropping on Toulan until now.

If you mean the door near npc modarra its is most likey intented to be the armor cuhof entrance.


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What is "armor cuhof entrance"? A previous plan left for future?

There is an NPC at the back of the CUHOF Cave that gives you an instance where you do 7 waves to get 7 pieces of armor, and then you can do it again after 48 hours.

Here is a link to the CUHOF Cave Armor Instance ...
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