Cyrene | An Introduction to the Covert Ops 5-Part Series


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I had a chat with Ant a while back about creating an EU Archives section at the forum where I can post some of the articles, profiles and special projects that I've worked on during my lengthy EU history with my original avatar MindStar9 from 2005 to the end of Nov 2015 when I joined the Monria Team as an official. He thought it was a good idea, but I was only able to get a few things added due to time constraints. For those of you who haven't been around that long, it might give you some insight into how EU was and how things changed over the years.

I have included the Cyrene 5-Part Covert Ops Series that I wrote while an official with the Cyrene Team and working with Ed and Kris. I was a part of the team before and after Cyrene was launched, and we introduced quite a bit of exclusive content that would be seen on Cyrene to give the community a peek at what they could expect. Lots of concept art, and even one of their graphics artists (Tum) took the time to draw sketches for this series that you will find throughout the series.

I enjoyed very much working with Ed and Kris, and there were quite a few writing projects planned, but it was very difficult to grab a significant block of time now and then to work on story arc because Ed was pulled in so many directions and very involved in development toward launching Cyrene. When we did manage to get the time, we thoroughly enjoyed working on at least the Covert Ops Series and a few character chronicles but I can't publish those. It was fun writing this series based on the official Cyrene storyline which is massive and one of the best I've heard. I say heard because Ed has it all locked up in his head and it never appeared in print (that I know of), other than the Sons of Remus which was the first chapter of this massive storyline. I'm not sure how much spilled over into mission dialogue since launch, but it's a superb storyline and I hope that it all unfolds over time.

Ed fed me storyline as we progressively worked through character development, but we also included the exclusive content to give everyone a sneak peek at what was to come. After the Covert Ops Series was finished, we continued to be challenged to find enough time to work on the additional writing projects, and that was when, after a year, that I discussed my departure from the Cyrene Team. Ed and Kris fully understood and respected that I wasn't being of intended service with my writing contributions because Ed was so incredibly busy and involved with development (we needed to work together on story arc), and that I needed the release from my contract so that I could do other things.

It was a wonderful experience and Kris and I have stayed in touch over the years, and especially now because I coordinate Monria's Cyrene field trips, and Kris always provides a side event for us.

Here's something that you may or may not know ... Cyrene is very much connected to Monria, in that, our current General who heads up the DSEC Military on Monria is Winslow Anderson who headed up the Intergalactic Space Mission Agency (ISMA) on Earth and worked very closely with Senator Calvin Neff in the Cyrene storyline, and both worked very closely with MindStar9 (my original avatar on ice right now) in the Cyrene Covert Ops Series. General Anderson left ISMA to replace the DSEC Military General at Monria when we took over Monria the end of Nov 2015, and has kept in touch with Senator Calvin Neff and his associations with Cyrene. So as you can see, there are extended ties to Monria that periodically will work well with our storyline.

This is the only other series I've done, other than my Monria storyline writing. I think it would be an interesting prospect now and then to expand our reach and include unexpected elements into our storytelling, whether it becomes a part of the official storyline, or side stories that relate Cyrene to Monria.
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