Daylight Savings Time (or Summer Time): how it affects the Yamato schedule

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To all players in the USA (except those in locations that do not have Daylight Savings Time, like Arizona): we did the "spring forward" thing last night. The Yamato schedule runs on game time, which does not do any sort of summer time change. So, it will appear to us in the US that the Yamato schedule runs an hour later than you are used to seeing. I think the US does the time change a week or 2 before the rest of the world, so the rest of you won't see this apparent change until you have your summer time change.

The Yamato will continue to leave Monria at 20:00 game time. For US time zones, this is:
  • 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time
  • 3 PM Central Daylight Time
  • 2 PM Mountain Daylight Time
  • 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time

NOTE: Edited original post to correct times.
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On the East Coast US ... we are now -4 game time, I just logged in to double check, so I think times are different than what you have posted, unless I've lost my damn mind, which is highly possible. :D
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