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This post was a result of some in the community learning that MindStar9 was the driving force behind DarkMoonEnigma and it explains why it was not revealed at the beginning of our taking over Monria. MindStar9 is my original avatar and we asked MindArk to place her on ice (not accessible) while I am in the DME official position with Monria, and now Virtualsense after adding Toulan to our family.


I had a discussion with Anhithe about publishing a DME Moon State of Mind because it was the least that I could do, and felt that I owed the many who supported me over the years as MS9 more of an explanation than just an announcement of ---> guess whose underwear Dark Moon is wearing. :D

If you haven't read Anhithe's thread --> Introducing DME <-- then please do, it's as relevant as this thread.

For those of you who are more familiar with MindStar9, I'm sure the title of this thread reminded you of the "MS9 EU State of Mind" I did for 5 years in a row in the past (2008-2012). However, that was when I was a player and felt more of a responsibility to be supportive and a joining voice in what would work better for the community.

Throughout my MS9 EU history, I felt now and then that there was a disservice to the players, and at times became very vocal about it, letting MindArk know that I wasn't happy all the time either.

Despite some frustrations and challenges over the years, I have never not loved Entropia Universe. In fact, quite the opposite. I have always said the concept was unique, and the potential was immense. I just took issue at times with how it was delivered, and shared a voice with many others in the EU community.

As part of the Monria Management and Development Team, my role affords me more of an opportunity now to help make a difference in the player experience, at least to the degree we can do that on the Moon. Granted, there are some things that require assistance from MindArk, but Anhithe has established a great working relationship with them toward achieving our goals for Monria, with one key factor in place --> community first.

As far as my role with MindArk, I love our MA Engineer who helps us cause chaos on the Moon. Whoever he is, he is my hero because he hasn't missed a beat, and would like to give him a Rubic's Cube or something to keep his fingers agile for those mad keyboard skillz he possesses. Whoever you are, thank you.

This is why I can do more:
  • I'm working in partnership with someone whom I've known for many years
  • Anhithe is a savvy business man, and has a proven track record for wise investments within EU
  • he created a real life business specifically for investing in EU, and perseverance paid off
  • he takes this Moon business very seriously, and in doing so, he's interested in results
  • he knows my work history, my EU history, and what I'm capable of
  • -----> he doesn't think I know my own potential because I suffer from Wonder Woman Syndrome
  • -----> so he's going to take every advantage of that he can by increasing my bullet point list :D
  • we discuss everything, and make decisions together for the good of the team and the community
  • he entertains my ideas, and sometimes he'll say "you do that" because he knows that I can
  • he gives every respect and appreciation to my sleep deprivation because he's the cause of it :rolleyes
  • he gives me free reign to do what I do as a result of implicit trust, but that's a two-way street
  • we are both on the same page when it comes to community --> they are first and foremost
  • we developed the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) and I manage the teams
  • -----> however, I'm just a facilitator because they are so magnificent in their own right
  • -----> they have exceeded all expectations, and we will give them every support
  • I'm not just a player, this is now my job, let me rephrase that --> my dream job
  • -----> I get to do everything I did in the past with MS9, but so much more
  • -----> Ant is my ped ATM when it comes time for event planning and supporting teams :D
  • -----> besides, Kendra and I are like sisters, and she knows where the ped card is hidden :p
  • Ant and I can both elevate the fun factor, and I think we have proven that in the past almost 5 mos
  • -----> he's the one who gave me the additional staff position of CFO --> Chief Fun Officer
  • we both want to bring back the social aspects of the game that make it so much more engaging
  • we're on a joint mission to make Monria the best experience we can for our community family
  • and speaking of family --> Kendra has been my virtual sister for a long time, and I love her dearly
  • -----> Ant and I always seem to be in the thick of a 3-ring circus while she manages the peripheral stuff
  • -----> she's as dedicated as the rest of us, and an amazing Monria Good Will Ambassador
  • -----> she's right there no matter what needs to be done, and quite creative in her own right
  • and one last key factor --> Ant's brother Pusherman is one bad-ass body guard (and a virtual brother)
  • -----> he runs the gauntlet in stealth mode and clears a path for me to do my thing
  • -----> although I'm not sure how he'll fair now since he's sporting the MS9 profile pic :rolleyes


When Anhithe first approached me to join his Monria Management Team, I didn't hesitate, because it was him, and he would be the one and only reason I would entertain becoming more engaged with EU after being on a two year semi-break, it's just that simple.

If I were to return to this universe in full active mode, it had to be in a position where I could not only engage in activities as I did in the past as MS9, but also have an opportunity to really make a difference in whatever way it would be possible, and have the support to do so. I absolutely have that with Anhithe, and in spades.

The initial thought was to come back as MS9, but after a brief discussion, Ant voted against it. His reasons made sense to me, which is why I didn't try to persuade him otherwise.

Here's why in a nut shell:

  • people in the community already had a mindset about MS9 because of the long EU history
  • MS9 was always in full-universe mode, but now there is just a Moon with a different dynamic
  • an announcement about MS9 joining the Monria Team had the potential for inviting distractions
  • the management team needed time to acclimate to where do we go from here and put a plan in place
  • the MS9 persona was not suitable for the Moon given the theme and other considerations
  • a new persona needed to be established that was more fitting
  • therefore, a Monrian-born team member with a name that had more meaning and connection
  • -----> Dark Moon because I get to play an evolving (dark) role in the Cthulhu theme
  • -----> Enigma = mystery | and the Enigma is, that behind DME is MS9
  • -----> so the spirit of the purple one is always with me and supporting this new adventure
  • -----> but now I have to come up with a new mystery :devil
  • we needed to focus on the plan to build the Moon community from the ground up
  • -----> we knew it would take us a while to do this, but the results so far have been amazing
  • -----> there's still a long way to go, but we have a road map in place to get us from here to there
  • we wanted to give the community an opportunity to experience what we were capable of
  • -----> it meant allowing the community to get to know us as a team and what our mission was
  • -----> in the short almost 5 months since we took over the Moon, I think we have done this
  • not being MS9 up till now gave us every opportunity needed without the potential MS9 distractions


I am sorry if some feel that there was deception in play because that was never the intent, but rather a concerted effort to give us every opportunity to get the team established first with a solid foundation so that we had something to work with going forward. We knew eventually that we would make the announcement that MS9 was the driving force behind DME, but we were hoping for a little more time. Unfortunately, we were forced to reveal the information sooner. However, the catalyst for this is not up for discussion. Other than the person claiming credit for this is not the person at all.

It is my hope that those who have witnessed what we have been able to do as a team thus far, will continue to support our efforts toward evolving the Moon to the level of experience that you deserve. The Monrian community means everything to us, and you will always come first.

I ask you to please look at the good that is being done, and be a voice for the Monrian community in letting us know what works and what doesn't work. This is a partnership with you to discover the best possible experience we can deliver. We want to do this right, and we want to do this with you, not for you. In this partnership with the community, it will help us get to where we want to take the Moon.

There is one more request that I respectfully ask of you --> while the spirit of MS9 is the driving force with what I do as DME, please remember that I am now Dark Moon if you can, and witness yet again the evolution of a new era. I'm taking you on a different journey, and it's not always going to be pretty, unlike Pusherman's new profile pic that @Maximus Cashicus raved about in Monria chat. :D

Thank you for every consideration you may give.


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Ever since I arrived on the moon, you have shown me nothing but support and friendship. To me that's all that counts. I am very glad Ant brought you back to the game and gave me the opportunity to get to know you!


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Hear, hear...great post MS...ehrrmm...DM! :D I must officially admit that you and Ant really got me good on this one though! :D Given the circumstances from both you and Ant, I can certainly understand the why now...seems one needs to keep atleast 1eYeOnU in the future...and especially Ant it seems! like the late B.B. King would sing - Fool me once ;)

Keep up the good work guys!


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I would just like to add

For anyone who is a friend of the artist formally known as MS9, I had strict conditions, and if she released anything about this to anyone it would be the end of the opportunity. So please, if you are a true friend, understand that it was on me. I also know that she has carried the weight of this since the beginning, so if she has seemed not quite herself, this is why. In short it is my fault, so please don't be too hard on her for this.

To the few that know me, I did this with good reason, and there are some things I would do differently since we started this journey, but this is not one of them.



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...this has yet to begin to unfold..ill watch as always..i have several ideas that could help I think but wont discuss here that's another time..but...every one should be glad she took enough of a chance and putting her neck on the line and friendships over years here to do this for a single community..sit back..let that soak in..what would you have done in her shoes?....its a place for friends and fun..lets do that instead..:)....rubs his crucifix puts his hands in the air screams SINNERS!...ARE ALL WELCOME!...;)

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I understand and think it doesn't matter what you call yourself or anything that superficial,I live by the ideal is how you treat people is truly the deciding factor in life.
I think it is all good and positive in the community and all I have had was fun and felt warmth on Monria.The day that changes is when we lost something special.
Please Ant and Kendra keep up the wonderful work you have done and try not to let the little things or issues get in the way of progress of a wonderful place.

Ok.. Carry on and get back to business you slackers! LOL



I want to jump in and give my opinion on Monria and the changes i've noticed since i started playing a year ago. When i first started EU i was very intrigued about the RCE factor of it. Made my avatar on Monria because i was a cthlulu fan. H.P. Lovecraft fan from way back and thought that was awesome. Made my avatar in april of 2015 and honestly the moon was dull hardly anyone ever there i was noob had no clue what to do. So i tp'd to Caly and really never went back to the moon played a few months and basically went broke everyday trying out too much stuff. Now after months of just hanging out and lots of research, I know my personal goals as an avatar in game, I've got a long way to go to meet those but i'm confident i can meet these goals and become a positive member of EU and Monria.

I think i started rambling a bit but i do love this game and the possibilities it has. after a few months away from the game i came back and Ant had taken over Monria and i noticed big changes. Which is very exciting. I need spend more time on Monria and get to know the community better, looking forward to all this.

DME i think you and the Monria team have done an amazing job at sparking something up on Monria and hope it continues

Thanks all


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Having been near the center of the storm and getting soaked at times in the purple rain I think this all played out for the best. Now let's party like it's 1999!


You too have been a rock for over three years now, especially when Softy wanted to change everything from purple to blue. She's a crayola-packin' holy terror, and if she comes to the Moon, then I think we will have issues, even though I think the craters would look more festive. :p

Thank you for your words, you Ninja Master you. :ninja2

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star
-- W. Clement Stone

Thank you for that quote Wang, it inspires a tender moment. The one thing from back in the day that I remember about you that sticks out most, is when I ran into you in the Dragon Pit on Rocktropia. :D

To Everyone Else --> thank you for sharing your thoughts, it's appreciated. It's been very difficult not being able to address you as the friends that I've already known for so long. Friends who have supported me in the past as MS9, and friends that I have come to care about immensely.

My hope is that you will continue to support the work I'm doing on Monria with Ant and the rest of the Monria Team, and in your own way, help us to evolve our Moon community to be what would work best for you. We don't kid when we say that community is everything to us. I've said my entire EU history that community is what matters the most to me, and now I have an even greater opportunity to help make a difference with a Moon partner and team who believe the same.

I'm incredibly honored that Ant chose me to help achieve his Moon goals based on his vision. I am 100% in the trenches with him, although he says that I'm the one with the coal face because I'm doing all the dirty work.

I see how that works. :rolleyes

However, I would do anything Ant asked me to, except babysit Pusher, because that man is mental. :p

I think it's time to raise the Moon roof again --> what say you Boss? :jumpclap


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Hear, hear...great post MS...ehrrmm...DM! :D I must officially admit that you and Ant really got me good on this one though! :D Given the circumstances from both you and Ant, I can certainly understand the why now...seems one needs to keep atleast 1eYeOnU in the future...and especially Ant it seems! like the late B.B. King would sing - Fool me once ;)

Keep up the good work guys!


I wanted to reply to your post too TC because we too have been friends for a long time, and you were always supportive of me over the years. I know you were a bit challenged with this based on our PM exchange, and I perfectly understand, but I'm glad you did a little more fence sitting and waited for me to post my Moon State of Mind.

I still love you too, along with so many others who were just brilliant friends beyond any expectation. I was quite happy when you came to the Moon and started settling in, and when you accepted my invitation to become a Monria Team Ambassador, that made me happy as well.

We have a lot of work to do going forward, and I'm happy that you and the others are such a solid team.

However, we also have a lot of crazy-ass fun to create and enjoy, and as an MTA, you get to do some nutty stuff. :D

Thank You :)


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Welcome back. No that's not right.

Nice to meet you again. No, still not the correct words.

Ah, I know...

Good to see "you" again, and I hope you continue having fun in all the ways you've ever tried to in this Universe. :)

JCCCCCCCCCCCC --> I am SO glad that you're here. You and I have quite the history, from your Capital Crafting Events, to marathon beacon runs, to team hunts, to so many things that made back in the day such an awesome time in this universe. We want to bring those times back with what we're doing on the Moon.

We may have had a difference of opinion now and then, but I don't think we ever lost sight of the friendship factor.

Thank you.

I need to fill this forum up with more damn smileys. :jumpclap
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