DME ... Wed, 5/1/19 ... mostly MIA

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My apologies for being mostly unavailable today. I'm a bit under the weather. I'm not sick to my tummy, but rather it is tied up in knots and I'm sure it's a result of the stress experienced over the past few weeks with the whole family move stuff. Not getting enough sleep doesn't help much either, but none of this has anything to do with Momria whatsoever. If anything, Monria is my safe place to fall.

I will try to check in later again to see if anyone needs me, but my dailies are on hold for today.

I was able to accomplish some personal things today so I feel good about that.

Hope you guys are doing well. Take care of each other.


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Agree with Shadow rest and chill :thumbsup
Worst thing that can happend without you is that world will fall a part without you pew pewing those Cultist. :D
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